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Progressive News August 2019: Sage, Lightspeed Restaurant & Passport Scan

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The Progressive systems never stop evolving to further improve and simplify your daily routine. This summer has been busy for us- Sage Business Cloud has launched a new application, Lightspeed Restaurant point of sale system has introduced multiple new features within the POS application & restaurant manager and Passport Scan is your solution for the EU’s latest legislations. Explore new opportunities in the article.

Sage Business Cloud application

Sage Business Cloud (previously known as Sage One Accounting) is one of Malta’s leading cloud based accounting systems. It is easy to use, doesn’t require a server to set up and has minimum training time because of the software’s interface. The accounting system is ideal for startups & small businesses because of its accessibility- all you need are the login details and you can access the data on any device and anywhere in the world, as long as there’s an internet connection.

To make the experience smoother on your mobile and tablet, Sage Business Cloud has introduced a brand new mobile app, which can be used on your mobile and tablet. Benefits include login with fingerprint, increased speed, quote tracking, new invoicing opportunities, for example, sending them via WhatsApp and more. Read the full list of benefits in the blog article here.

Lightspeed Restaurant point of sale system’s updates

Lightspeed Restaurant is the most user friendly point of sale system in Malta. The POS software delivers fast and quality service to any type of fine table & quick service restaurants, as well as cafes, bars and even concert halls. With Lightspeed restaurant point of sale system, you can manage your entire business in one place: create custom floor plans, manage takeout and delivery orders, schedule times events and analyze for further success.

Lightspeed is always looking forward to suggestions on how to further improve the restaurant system’s experience and has released multiple new features. Get familiar with the latest updates here.

Get GDPR compliant with Passport Scan

Taking physical copies of your hotel’s guests ID’s is now a thing of the past with Passport Scan. Not only copying passports is not GDPR compliant, it is also time consuming and disorganized. Passport Scan automatically fills the necessary details into your hotel property management system (PMS), letting your main focus be on the guest’s experience. Read more about the many advantages for Passport Scan in the full article here.

Final word

Reach out to Progressive for more information about the mentioned products to unleash your business potential and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news.

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