Lightspeed Restaurant

At Progressive, we are Platinum Business Partners in Malta. Lightspeed is an award winning organisation developer of cloud-based restaurant POS systems which run on Apple iPads. LightSpeed Restaurant is an advanced application which allows owners of restaurants, bars and cafes to effortlessly control every aspect of their venue’s finances, logistics and human resources from their smartphone or tablet.

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Why Lightspeed Restaurant?

Incredibly easy to use all in one solution - train your staff quickly. Run your outlet, from an iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad; take orders, sending them instantly to the bartender, open bar tabs and split bills — all with a touch of a button. Incredibly sleek, cost effective and compact - Lightspeed doesn’t take up a lot of counter space and doesn’t come with high IT overhead costs. A printer, cash drawer and iPad or iPhone is all you need to get started.



Quick ordering

Easy to use screen ideal for the Restaurant, bar or cafe environment.

Easy bill splitting

Split items into equal payments or drag items onto individual bills quickly.

On demand reports

Built-in reporting, presented in a visual dashboard with real-time data.

Customised floor plans

Each floor layout can be easily created to match your restaurant layout.

Access rights

Control system access, create individual accounts, and add restrictions when necessary.

Menu creation and editing

Item menus can be built complete with photos, names and prices- all online.

Print orders from anywhere

Printers can be installed at the counter in the kitchen, at the bar or equip your staff with portable printers.


Integrates with the most popular accounting systems and hotel management systems.


Lightspeed Success Stories

Each one of our clients has a unique story and reasoning behind choosing Lightspeed. Learn what other Maltese restaurateurs think of the point of sale system in the Lightspeed Success Story testimonial video series.

Carbon free dining

Free POS Software


Interested in using the point of sale system for free? Progressive brings "Carbon free dining" to Malta. Learn how you can join an amazing cause and use the restaurant point of sale system free of charge in this article.


Like to learn more about Lightspeed?

We will be happy to make sure if Lightspeed is the right system for your catering or retail business. Kieran has a passion for hospitality software and will gladly walk you through the point of sale and other hospitality management software. Learn how you can unleash your business potential together with Lightspeed.

Kieran Mifsud


Certified Installer

Progressive is a Lightspeed certified installer and Platinum Partner in Malta. Progressive was also awarded The Best Regional Performer in RoEMEA and Asia in 2018 and 2019.