Xtra Suite of Sage Addons

Making Sage work harder, smarter and better for you. Extend the functionality of Sage 50 and Evolution through Xtra range of Sage addons.

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Why Xtra Add-ons?

To ensure a better fit between Sage software and the needs of businesses in Malta, we have developed a number of applications which integrate seamlessly with Sage and automate specific business processes, thereby saving you substantial time and money.


Xtra Products


Record employee hours and divide them to Sage Evolution’s Projects and Jobs


Automate Importing and process Purchase & Sales Orders via Microsoft Excel Sheets


Automatically export Invoices and Credit Notes directly from Sage


Access Sage through any web browser


Easy to use interface and very easy to fixing the error


Xtra Add-ons

XtraTime XtraOrderImporter XtraEDI WebExtender XtraCorrect
XtraTime is an application which tracks employee timesheets and allocates them to Sage Evolution’s projects and Jobs. It allows you to set a cost and a charge out rate per employee to automate the billing process and to quantify Work in progress related to labour hours.
  • Read customer and job details directly from Sage Evolution
  • Posts costs and revenues chargeable to Sage Evolution Job Costing
  • Tracks all types of labour hours including leave, sick leave and non productive time
  • Link and track employee timesheets to internal cost centres and departments
  • Link employees to supervisors
  • Autogenerate employee timesheets by supervisor
  • Full reporting on costs and revenues with multiple filters (Detailed / Summarised)
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel
To facilitate Data Interchange between your organisation and your customers and suppliers, we have developed XtraOrderImporter which allows you to automatically import and process Purchase Orders and Sales Orders via Microsoft Excel Sheets or Comma separated files into Sage Evolution.
  • Import purchase orders and sales orders from comma separated files or Microsoft Excel Sheets.
  • Flexible mapping between inventory supplier codes and Sage inventory codes. System allows you to map via Barcodes.
  • Picks up pricing either from Sage Evolution or from the import file itself.
  • Automatically create purchase and sales orders in Sage Evolution and minimize mistakes
  • Supports multiple warehouses.
  • Eliminates the need to key in orders in Sage Evolution.
XtraEDI is a customised application which is integrated with Sage 50 and Sage Evolution and generates the necessary files to upload for HSBC's invoice financing portal. This application increases your productivity by automatically generating a set of files which you can easily upload to HSBC's portal for processing. Save precious time and money and eliminate errors by using XtraEDI to upload the necessary end of day invoices. This application is seamlessly integrated with both Sage 50 and Sage Evolution. It filters out your HSBC clients and automatically exports all your Invoices and Credit Notes directly from Sage. The output is an export file which is easily uploaded to HSBC's portal for processing. Contact us today for more information. Your Sage 50 can now be fully accessed from anywhere via a web browser thanks to the innovative product, WebExtender. This is a great solution for businesses which don’t want to be dependent on a single location to access their data and don’t want to change their accounting system just yet. The system gives the same opportunities as a cloud based accounting system without having to buy a brand new software. Safe, reliable and affordable. Contact us today for a test drive and to avail of our special pricing.
Sage Evolution 200 is a very strong and popular ERP both locally and globally, however in the case of a user mistake or processing error the user needs to manually do a reversal and repost the transaction as it should.
That is precisely the reason why XtraCorrect was created - via an easy to use interface, the users can locate the transactions that had an error on it, fix the error and XtraCorrect will then update the books of account with all the necessary adjustments. Main features of the system:
  •  Easy to use interface
  •  Allows users to do changes to transactions easily and without posting any unnecessary manual entries
  •  All corrections are logged
  •  Supports multi company environments
  •  It is compatible with all versions of Sage 200 Evolution
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Would like to learn more about XtraAdd-ons?

The team of Progressive will gladly answer any questions to help you find the most suitable system for your business. For example, Mervin specializes in accounting software & retail point of sale software. With over 3 years of experience, he will help you identify your business needs to unleash your business potential.

Mervin Pace

Sales and Support