Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail POS has the finest retail technology suitable for any retail business type.

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Why Lightspeed Retail?

Lightspeed Retail is a cloud based point of sale system for retail businesses. It’s easy to use and with a quick set up your business will be running in no time. The system which is now available in Malta, exclusively at Progressive, can stock up and sell in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can manage and track your inventory on any device, no matter of your location.




View customers profiles, purchase history, categories and lifetime value.


Manage special, work, purchase orders & vendor catalogs.


Supports all payment methods.


Manage multiple locations in one place.


Extensive reports with real time data.

Handle sales on the go

Take control of the data no matter of your location.


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Lightspeed Retail point of sale system is the perfect all-in-one solution for any store’s needs. The point of sale system makes it easy to know your customers, you’re able to view their profiles, purchase history, categories and the lifetime value of buyers. Adapt to the needs of your customers- manage special orders, work orders, purchase orders, vendor catalogs and always deliver on time. The system offers all available payment methods, for example, mobile payments, all type credit cards. It is also EMV and PCI compliant. Never struggle with refunds. Planning to open a second store? Manage all locations with one system- compare the stores, customer data, stock tracking and product transfers. The point of sale system grows with you. The reporting tools make the POS system truly unique- never miss anything with a real time data analysis tool. View sales reports, sales per employee, average transaction value and more. Sell your goods online with a platform, which is synchronized with the point of sale system. StockAdd any type of items and categorize them to your liking. Returns are automatically added back to your stock. DesignChoose from more than 50 different themes for your online store. The website is mobile friendly, has simple navigation and HTML, CSS template editor. DeliveryHave real time updates on each order for you and the customer. Receive a handy overview, integrated shipping. Add discounts and customize your checkout. MarketingSell your goods on Facebook and Instagram with our built in SEO tools. Discount codes are available. ReportsView data in easily available overviews of your inventory, orders, conversions, sales reports etc. to make smarter business decisions. Sell internationallyInternational shipping with multiple shipping rates is available. Offer your goods in various currencies. IntegrationsWork together with more than 250 partner mobile applications. Your shoppers will love the loyalty perks. Have customer insights at your fingertips and create a customized rewards program. LoyaltyCreate rewards programs to get your customers to come back. Don’t forget to add birthday deals and coupons for a personal shopping experience. Personal experienceCollect valuable insights and create custom marketing campaigns with promotional text messages and emails. Sell moreBy viewing your customers spending patterns and activities, you’re able to customize offers. Synchronized dataLinking your accounting system with the point of sale system is as simple as ever and completely automated. AccuracyEach payment is immediately visible on your accounting system, giving you sales receipts, profit and loss statements and more. Reports for all locationsData is gathered from all locations and can be organized by sales, customers etc. Compare multiple reports to evaluate your business. StockOptimize your items efficiently by seeing what’s selling the most and what’s been clogging your inventory. The analytics will quickly show the best selling items and now you’ll have the space for them. Customer loyaltyHow well do you know your customers? Have the right stock ready for the customer needs to create superb loyalty. Employee productivityHow efficient is your team? Track the key performance indicators (KPI’s) and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your staff. Make sure you have enough employees at the busiest hours to reduce queues and keep up with the personal shopping experience.
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Would like to learn more about Lightspeed Retail?

We will be happy to make sure if Lightspeed is the right system for your catering or retail business. Kieran has a passion for hospitality software and will gladly walk you through the point of sale and other hospitality management software. Learn how you can unleash your business potential together with Lightspeed.

Kieran Mifsud


Certified Installer

Progressive is the exclusive Lightspeed certified installer and Platinum Partner in Malta. Progressive was also awarded The Best Regional Performer in RoEMEA and Asia in 2018