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Mews hotel management system in London: Good Hotel Testimonial

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Mews often visits some of their clients, to be up to date with the hospitality industry needs. This time, it is the “Good Hotel”, located in the beautiful London, U.K. Read why the hotel decided to switch to a different system and how the system inspires the employees to deliver the most pleasant customer experience, together with the general manager of the property, Mr Liutauras Vaitkevicius.

Previous hotel management software experience

The previous system failed to do even the most basic tasks, which is why the hotel was wasting a lot of time and resources to do everything manually. “It was incredibly slow,” Mr Vaitkevicius says. The company began looking for another solution.

Satisfying the needs of the hotel

The system needed to be simple and intuitive- a modern solution for their daily routine. Additionally, as technology is constantly evolving, they wanted to be sure, that it wouldn’t be outdated in the near future. Mews was very easy to get used to and they also love, that it is a cloud based system, which is able to connect with multiple other systems.

Why Mews

As a property management system (PMS), Mews saves the most important resource- time. By using the PMS, automation does most of the work, and it is fast and easy. “The staff and back office is much more productive, because they can focus on the human skills, for example, creating a relationship with the customer or solving back office issues creatively,” Mr Vaitkevicius adds.

Mews from the employee perspective

Mews helps to grow out of the box- instead of spending time on chasing paperwork, the employees are focused on excellent customer service. The hotel calculated, that they save approximately 10 hours a week only on manual back office work. Because of the system, they can also focus on the hotel’s own internal training program on how to work better together to achieve the best for the clients.

Mews from the customer’s perspective

The Good Hotel is a premium hospitality business, which is why they are focused on creating a personal experience for each guest. Mews allows for the customer to be the main focus, therefore, the staff is more attentive when being approached. Both- customers and employees used to waste time filling check in and check out forms and that’s now completely eliminated. The customers love the speedy and friendly process.


Cloud based software often may seem as a security threat, however, with Mews it is exactly the opposite:”Credit card frauds have gone down by 60%- the system is extremely intuitive and immediately bounces the transaction,” says Mr Vaitkevicius.

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*The article was inspired by Jessica Weldhen’s article:”Good Hotel Testimonial”, available on

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