Odoo Open Source Business Apps

Odoo is the business application which lets you stay in control of all the aspects of your business, from administration to sales and marketing. Designed to grow and adapt to your particular needs, Odoo offers a truly unique solution which works across digital devices.

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What Can Odoo Do For Your Business?

Your business is probably already utilising several distinct applications which work independently. A forward-thinking enterprise realises that such a system is highly inefficient since data is manually entered and sourced in multiple locations. Odoo boosts the performance of your business with a range of fully-integrated apps which eliminate waste. Cloud-based and user-friendly, this open-source solution creates a superhighway of data flow and accessibility across your business. In simpler terms, it helps your business grow better.


Odoo ERP features

Modular Setup

Choose all & only the services you require, when you need them.

Comprehensive Approach

One solution provides all the productivity, operations & sales tools.

General ledger

Unlimited financial periods, sales & purchase order entry, cheque printing and other.

Boost Productivity

Apps specially designed to increase efficiency & reduce time loss.

Team Friendly

An intuitive user interface greatly reduces time in training.

Low Cost

Customise your solution to fit your needs & budget.

Community Support

Join the community & improve your knowledge on specific topics.

Easily Integrated

API integration provides seamless connectivity with external software.

Scalable Solution

Activate apps when you need them & stop using them when you’re done.


5 Million Users Worldwide
Odoo is not a new application trying to find its niche, but an established and fast-growing solution which has helped businesses to grow around the world. Join a global community of business leaders and start benefiting from the functional features which support their organisations every day.
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Would like to learn more about Odoo?

Progressive are Odoo’s partners in Malta and are ready to support you in introducing this innovative solution to your business. Following an initial consultation, our team of experts will guide you to select the most appropriate modular apps. We can also help you migrate data from your existing software to Odoo. Get in touch with our specialist Mervin today to find out more.

Mervin Pace

Sales and Support