Even the easiest to use software can raise questions. Find answers to frequently asked questions to help you find the most suitable software or reach out to us to find the answer you’re looking for.

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Sage 50

Is the software paid annually?

The software is a one time payment. However, there are fees if you wish to add more users or companies.

What’s the difference between different Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts Plus and Sage 50 Accounts Professional?

Sage 50 offers the most basic and necessary features, while Sage 50 Plus offers more modules, for example, multiple delivery addresses, customer/supplier price lists, cheque printing and others. Sage 50 Professional is the most advanced system, which offers superior features, including, delivery notes, batch supplier payments, sales/purchase order processing, duplicate orders and more.

Can I view Sage 50 online?

Yes, that’s possible with an extension WebExtender.

Sage Evolution

Is Sage Evolution ERP available on the cloud?

Sage Evolution ERP is currently available only on premise. It has to be installed on server or can be hosted on Microsoft Azur.

What’s the difference for Sage Evolution ERP and Sage 50?

Sage Evolution is targeted at larger or more complex businesses or while Sage 50 is the perfect software for small and medium size businesses.

Sage One/ Business Cloud

What is the installation procedure?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting doesn’t require an installation. The accounting system is hosted on the cloud, therefore can be accessed through a web browser or their official Sage mobile applications.

How can I buy the software?

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is paid directly to Sage. The payment is done in South African Rands, not Euros.

Xtra Add-Ons

Is the data from Sage accounting software available on XtraPOS or XtraSales?

Absolutely. We can configure your software to match the data and update as you add new.

Lightspeed Restaurant

Can the system be used from an android device?

Unfortunately no. Lightspeed Restaurant POS system only works on iPads.

Can I see the reports even if we are not at the restaurant?

Yes, Lightspeed Restaurant is hosted on the cloud, therefore, you can access all the information even if you have to go abroad. All you need to do is log into the back office and select reports you would like to view.

Why isn't my printer working?

This could come from a number of different issues, but most of the time this is related to a network issue of some kind. Here is a list of the first things to try:

  • Ensure you are on the correct WiFi network. If you are on a different WiFi then the printers will be unavailable
  • Ensure that you have a running internet connection

Xtra POS Retail

Does XtraPOS Retail support loyalty programs?

Yes, the system offers a variety of promotions, for example, discounts, large quantity offers and gift items.

Lightspeed Retail

Do you need to download an application to access your account?

No, your account can be accessed from any iPad, desktop or laptop.

Is it possible to create refunds?

Yes, with Lightspeed Retail you can substitute an item, refund the item or give store credit.

Can the Lightspeed Retail manage more than one location?

Yes, the point of sale system has been designed in a way in which it allows you to manage multiple properties and even compare one store to another.

Xtra Sales POS

Can XtraSales point of sale system be used without an internet connection?

Yes, the sales software will still stay functional and immediately synchronize when the internet connection is back.

Amadeus IDPMS

Can I use Amadeus idPMS if I have a small hotel?

Yes, Amadeus idPMS hotel management system is suitable for any hotel, hostel or guest house. Its powerful core can support even hundreds of rooms.

Is Amadeus idPMS based on the cloud?

No, the hotel software is server based to ensure quick and quality service to the guest.


Is Mews hotel management system cloud based?

Yes, Mews doesn’t require a server.

Does the system integrate with booking channels?

The hotel management system is seamlessly integrates with tens of booking channels, including, Booking.com, Expedia, Trivago and other. Mews also integrates with other cloud based systems, for example, Sage Business Cloud Accounting (Sage One Accounting) and Lightspeed Restaurant POS system.


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