Restaurant POS System

In today’s world, Restaurants depend very heavily on technology to ensure their business runs smoothly and efficiently so that diners are better served when visiting restaurants.

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At Progressive, we believe in working with the best and we have teamed up with Lightspeed Restaurant Point of Sale to offer a customized approach to our customers so that we can offer them the best solution for their business.

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed Point of Sale is our forerunner in Restaurant POS and its success speaks for itself. Lightspeed continues to improve its system by offering new features, and perfecting its existing ones, by being flexible enough to be used by most catering establishments, whether you own a Restaurant, Bar, Club, Cafeteria, or even a self-ordering establishment.

Lightspeed continues to develop itself by offering new features and new integrations at rapid intervals. From the new Kitchen Display Systems, Self Ordering kiosks and integrated Gift Cards, Lightspeed can be customized to suit any catering Establishment.

Besides its own improvements, Lightspeed offers many different integrations with other systems such as:

Online Ordering Integration

Lightspeed offers the functionality of integrating your online orders directly into the Point of Sale. View, manage and accept your online orders whether they are takeaways or deliveries with ease all from a single system. Further enhance this by informing your customers of the wait time for their meal to be prepared through the Web portal, or even through SMS.

Accounting Integrations

Lightspeed Restaurant Point of Sale has been integrated into a number of Accounting systems, from desktop based accounting systems such as Sage 50, and Sage Evolution, and now even into Sage One Cloud Accounting system.

With these powerful integrations you can take the accounting of your Restaurant to the next level by combining information from both systems to run your business more efficiently than ever before.

Hotel and Property Management System Integrations

Lightspeed takes its integrations a step further by integrating itself with some of the world’s leading Property Management Systems. If your property has a restaurant or a cafeteria, look no further than Lightspeed’s Point of Sale.

With integrations in place already for Mews and Amadeus Property systems, to name a couple, it will be easier than ever to manage your outlets by offering your guests and employees an easy system to log sales, and even post room charges for in-house directly to the PMS system.    

Lightspeed Restaurant Point of Sale truly offers a one-stop solution for managing your catering business, be it a small family run business, or a multiple establishment empire, inquire today for a free demo and trial.  

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