Apicbase is a restaurant inventory management system designed to help you reduce costs, improve workflow and support your team. This dedicated application lets you automate recipe calculations, including direct costs, waste, and margin. Available across digital devices, it provides you with practical and intuitive suggestions to facilitate inventory management and procurement.

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Why Apicbase?

Designed for use by both kitchen and administration staff, Apicbase provides a suite of services from a single user-friendly interface. You can create new recipes whilst keeping tracking of costs and allergens. Your team will be able to speed up supplier orders using sales-based suggestions and one-click submissions. In addition, POS integration, such as with LightSpeed Restaurant POS, provides instant and remote access to view current inventory and waste levels. Staying on top of your kitchen management has never been easier.



Recipe database

Create and update your digital library of recipes and menus.

Automated cost calculation

Recipe costs are updated as soon as you change the price of an ingredient.

Suggested procurement

Get suggestions on what to order based on sales history.

Superb ingredient management

Don’t run out of or overstock ingredients ever again.

Manage multiple locations

Stay in control, whether you manage one kitchen or more.

Menu creation and editing

Item menus can be built complete with photos, names and prices- all online.

Analyse your operations

Identify opportunities to maximise margins, reduce costs and eliminate waste.

Customisable user access

Give all your team members access to the tools they require.

Smart integration

Connect Apicbase to Lightspeed Restaurant POS to unlock greater tools and reporting capabilities.


Apicbase Success Stories

We could write entire pages of reasons why getting Apicbase for your cafe, bar or restaurant is a great idea but we don’t want to bore you. Instead, we invite you to watch this video to understand the positive impact this inventory management software.


How will your business benefit from using Apicbase?

Progressive is a proud partner of Apicbase and LightSpeed Restaurant Point of Sale Systems in Malta and can help you understand whether this software is the right fit for your business. Kieran is one of our Apicbase specialists and is available to provide you with additional information on this restaurant management solution. Get in touch with him today to explore ways to save time and costs with ease.

Kieran Mifsud


Certified Installer

Progressive is the exclusive Lightspeed certified installer and Platinum Partner in Malta. Progressive was also awarded The Best Regional Performer in RoEMEA and Asia in 2018. LightSpeed is a restaurant Point of Sale system fully integrated with APICBASE.