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Is your hotel GDPR compliant?

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General Data Protection Regulation

The number of travelers has grown rapidly in the last 20 years, keeping the industry busy. From flights to hotel reservations, guests seek personal experiences for their getaways and having a hotel property management system (PMS) is more important than ever. While the PMS can help creating a personalized experience for each guest, the latest EU legislation might keep hoteliers worried of how much data can you keep and use. That brings us to the question- is your hotel GDPR compliant?

Passport Scan

Taking physical copies of your guests documents is now officially a thing of the past- many ID’s contain more data, for example, place of birth, which is not necessary to a hotel for a check in. Additionally, your guests must be informed for what and how long the data is going to be kept and used. This is where the Passport Scan comes in- it scans the data which is necessary for the check in and automatically fills the form. The data is being kept on the hotel PMS for a fixed amount of time, completely up to date with the GDPR.

Advantages of the Passport Scan


Passport Scan quickly captures all the necessary data for the Check-in process, to get your guests to the room even faster!


Using Passport Scan is more accurate than entering the data manually. The optical character recognition cuts down human error and the seamlessly integrated AVE© assures safe and precise guest information.


The scanned data is being kept in an encrypted database- no more need for that extra security to keep passport copies safe!


Not only keeping copies of the guest passports has been inconvenient and hard to organize, but is now also illegal, due to the EU’s GDPR legislation. Reduce your carbon footprint and collect data safely with the Passport Scan.

How does it work?

Scan- Sign- Validate- Save

Passport scan is able to scan any passport or ID in a matter of seconds. Optionally, you can also choose to add a signature or edit the data if necessary. All the scanned information is immediately available on your hotel property management system.

Integrations with hotel property management systems

With the guest expectations rising, the need of a quality hotel PMS is more mandatory than ever. Certain guests can rate the cleanliness or location lower, simply because they have had a bad experience, leaving the hotel a bad review. Passport Scan has made sure to integrate with other hotel property management systems, including Amadeus idPMS and others, to give the guests that extra attention and a speedy GDPR compliant check in process. Can’t choose a hotel software? Read these suggestions about the essential features to find the most suitable choice for your hospitality business.

Final word

Do you still have doubts about your hotel being GDPR compliant? Passport Scan is trusted by more than 1500 hospitality businesses, including some of the leading hotel chains in the world, for example, Hilton, Four Seasons, Best Western, Marriott and more. Reach out to us for a free consultation and a demonstration how to revolutionize this daily hotel task.

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