Xtra Sales

Introducing the ultimate handheld system for mobile sales reps, fully integrated with Sage Accounts.

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Why XtraSales?

XtraSales is specifically built for mobile sales reps, allowing them to capture client orders, check outstanding transactions and verify stock availability. The system is fully integrated with Sage 50 and Sage Evolution. All stock and client information is automatically taken from Sage whilst orders are reflected as unprocessed orders in the accounting system.



Critical information is available at the click of a button

Check stock availability, customer balances and order history.

Simple and fast to use

Use advanced search and duplicate orders.


Access the point of sale system via any Windows laptop or tablet.

Fully integrated with Sage

Orders taken with XtraSales immediately show up in Sage as unprocessed orders.

Offline facility

Synchronized data at the touch of a button.

Automatic discounts

Automatic calculation of discounts and free items.

Dashboard for sales representatives

Overview sales patterns, for example, top clients.

Electronic signature

For easier order traceability.


Why choose a mobile sales system?

With XtraSales the sales representative can access crucial information like inventory and order history immediately from the Windows based tablet or laptop. The mobile system allows to process orders in a very quick and simple manner. Stocks can be easily located with an advanced search facility and orders can be replicated to avoid unnecessary keying in of data. Designed for small to medium sized organisations, XtraSales offers a high return on investment because of its affordability. The software is the handheld system for Sage 50 and Sage Evolution. Inventory data in the accounting system is available in XtraSales whilst orders taken from the handheld system are transformed into unprocessed orders in your Sage system. Forget the days of keying in and duplication of efforts. XtraSales does not require a permanent Internet connection. Data is held securely on the device and synchronised at the push of a button. The mobile sales system automatically grants special discounts and free items to avoid mistakes in price calculations at ordering stage.
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Would like to learn more about XtraSales?

The team of Progressive will gladly answer any questions to help you find the most suitable system for your business. For example, Mervin specializes in accounting software & mobile point of sale software. With over 3 years of experience, he will help you identify your business needs to unleash your business potential.

Mervin Pace

Sales and Support