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You can concentrate on making delicious food, and we'll take care of keeping your customers happy and coming back. With 5Loyalty, we can help your catering business work better, sell more of your more expensive items, and give rewards to loyal customers. Our 5Loyalty app can give rewards to customers no matter how they order from you. It's designed just for your business. We want to make sure your customers always get great deals and stay excited about coming back to you.

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Customer loyalty you'll love with 5Loyalty

Using 5Loyalty can save you money by making things run smoother and making more profit from your most popular dishes or items. Unlike other apps, 5Loyalty works together with your restaurant's ordering system; Lightspeed Restaurant. This means you can keep track of all the orders in one place and never get confused. It's really convenient and will help your restaurant become even better. Your customers will be happy, and more likely to keep coming back.



Intuitive navigation

Diners can place orders, join a virtual table queue, settle bills, and more

Truly Positive

Boost your diners' positive feelings at order or purchase

Powerful by design

Diners earn loyalty points whether they eat in, get delivery, or collect

Customised to you

Every aspect can be bespoke, from rewards to delivery boundaries and minimum spend thresholds

Upsell and cross-sell

Encourage people to order more expensive items and set a minimum amount they need to spend in order to make more money.

Great rewards

Diners can easily watch their rewards pile up in the app, ensuring they never lose their loyalty card

Synced and updated

Keep track of all orders in one place with unique POS integration

Get efficient

Reduce staff costs and boost table turnover


Learn more about 5Loyalty

We would be delighted to assist you in determining if 5Loyalty is the ideal system for your catering or retail business. Kieran is a dedicated expert in hospitality software and will gladly guide you through the point of sale and other hospitality management software solutions. Discover how you can unlock your business's full potential in partnership with 5Loyalty.

Kieran Mifsud


Preferential Partner

Progressive is a Certified Installer and Partner in for 5Loyalty Malta, and have years of experience in optimising catering business operations of all sizes and types. Contact us to explore customer loyalty solutions by 5Loyalty.