Point of Sale & Handhelds

Lightspeed is one of the most well known brands for point of sale software worldwide and is particularly known for their revolutionary Restaurant POS software. As of this year, Progressive introduced the brand’s Retail POS solution as well in Malta, to bring the same experience for your shop. Additionally, explore point of sale system solutions for specific needs, developed by Progressive.

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Apicbase is a restaurant inventory management system designed to help you reduce costs, improve workflow and support your team. This dedicated application lets you automate recipe calculations, including direct costs, waste, and margin. Available across digital devices, it provides you with practical and intuitive suggestions to facilitate inventory management and procurement.
  • WHY: Manage your kitchen with a single tap
  • BEST FEATURES: Mobility, speed, customization
  • ADD ONS: Advanced reporting, inventory function, customised user access

Lightspeed Restaurant

At Progressive, we are Platinum Business Partners in Malta. Lightspeed is an award-winning organisation developer of cloud-based restaurant POS systems which run on Apple iPads. LightSpeed Restaurant is an advanced application that allows owners of restaurants, bars and cafes to effortlessly control every aspect of their venue’s finances, logistics and human resources from their smartphone or tablet.
  • WHY: Manage any fine table, quick service, coffee house and bar establishment
  • BEST FEATURES: Mobility, speed, customization
  • ADD ONS: Advanced reporting, Customer facing display, Kiosk mode

Xtra POS

Make life at your retail store easier with a POS system that tracks sales, controls stock, inventory and helps you grow your business.
  • WHY: An easy to use and affordable Retail point of sale system
  • BEST FEATURES: Customer loyalty, Stock visibility and analytics tools

Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail POS has the finest retail technology suitable for any retail business type.
  • WHY: Cloud based retail store management
  • BEST FEATURES: Manage customers, stock, payments on the go
  • ADD ONS: Lightspeed eCom and Lightspeed Loyalty

Vend by Lightspeed

Vend retails POS software, inventory management, ecommerce, and customer loyalty for iPad, Mac, and PC.
  • WHY: Cloud based retail store management
  • BEST FEATURES: Manage customers, stock, payments on the go
  • ADD ONS: Vend eCom and Vend Loyalty

Xtra Sales

Introducing the ultimate handheld system for mobile sales reps, fully integrated with Sage Accounts.
  • WHY: Seamless connection between a Sales representative and verify stock availability
  • BEST FEATURES: Client order and outstanding transactions management
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What our clients say

Rachel Alessi

Managing Director at Seashore Cafe

“Lightspeed allows us to take orders straight by using a tablet and it enables us to do upgrades, remove or add products. It is very easy to load the products on the system, and to alter: make products visible or to hide them. It is very addictive!”

Adrian Hili

Chef & Owner at Terrone

"The reports are fantastic, simplifies the way we use menu as well, it makes it easy to brief the staff. It’s good for data keeping and reports, you can see what we’re selling and what we’re not selling, it has made things more efficient. Thumbs up, highly recommend!"

Our range of Sage-integrated point of sale and handheld systems for the retail and catering industries and also for sales representatives on the move are the ideal solution for an integrated business ecosystem.


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