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3 Ways how a Hotel Management System saves time & money

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A hotel management system holds a crucial part in running the daily operations, which makes it an essential part for any Maltese hospitality business, however, the hotel software is also often associated with a hefty price tag. Instead of closing your eyes, making the payment and forgetting, let’s see where the money goes into. Does having a hotel property management system pay off? Where does that money go into?

Reduced mistakes

Having piles of paper or hundreds of Excel sheets can be very prone to mistakes. The hotel’s employees waste time on repetitive tasks, which becomes stressful during a high season and stress often leads to making mistakes. Creating errors can become the cause of much bigger issues, for example, over-bookings, which then lead to a bad experience for the guest. This is where the hotel management system comes in- it automates the technicalities, reducing the time and resources spent on dull tasks. Saving only 4 hours a week saves 208 hours a year. Reducing mistakes to the minimum also improves the overall service to the guests, leaving the hotel great reviews and increasing the amount of bookings.

Increased flexibility

The newest hotel management systems offers the flexibility of working remotely. Instead of being fixed behind the desk, the management & employees can access, save, import and analyze the data from many devices by simply logging in. Amadeus idPMS hotel management system streamlines all the processes together, giving you all the necessary information within seconds. The hotel software is also easy to use and can manage large amounts of data without having you wait. Having a live overview of the hotel’s daily operations will help making more informed decisions fast. The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, are you up to date?

Getting results

By purchasing a new hotel management system, you expect for it to bring more guests to the hotel. Does it? A hotel software helps unite all of the operations together- it acts as the property’s employee which never sleeps. If chosen accurately, the software can manage the administrative workloads without extra shifts, reducing the need of manual work. The management needs to simply coordinate rates and make sure the guests have everything they need. Marketing brings new opportunities, as the software also analyzes your guests, giving you a clear view of the target group. Use the data for re-marketing and create loyalty programs, which will increase direct bookings & reduce the need of third party booking channels.

While the hotel software can drastically increase the property’s productivity, it is important to choose one suitable for your business. Depending on your daily operations, choose a system based on your daily needs. Always prioritize the functions, which are most important in the daily routine. Read this article, which highlights the most essential features of a hotel property management system.

Progressive offers the leading hotel management system solutions in Malta. No matter if you run a hostel, hotel or a bed & breakfast, we will find software suitable for your daily needs. Contact us for more information now.

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