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Introducing Amadeus IDPMS together with Progressive and Thijs

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Amadeus is a brand focused on perfection in the hospitality sector. With the impressive technology development in the past years, the brand has been focused on developing the new and improved hotel management system. This week Progressive was visited by the regional sales manager of Amadeus, Thijs Mijvis, and we used the opportunity to learn more about the brand and its new system IDPMS.

Behind the brand Amadeus

Amadeus adapted the hospitality management system Itesso 3 years ago, to reach the highest class for their hospitality industry. The brand itself has a wide portfolio: it offers multiple solutions for hotels, casinos, stadiums and restaurants. Offering server and cloud based solutions, it has a multi property environment, in which it is possible to manage your company and share guest relations.

What is a hotel management system?

We started off, by talking how important a property management system is for a hotel: “A hotel management system is the heart of the hotel,” he said, “the business begins with it and it’s where all the processes are linked together.” We could not agree more- the system is an important part for the hotel’s body, it is impossible to successfully ride a bicycle without having brakes or tires, everything is linked together for a smooth ride.

Amadeus IDPMS

Thijs highlighted that Amadeus has really improved the system specifically for the hotels. Instead of trying to improve everything at once, they’ve worked patiently on perfecting the hospitality sector. The system is based on 20 years of proven technology and built together with hoteliers to reach the most practical and excellent level of use.

Amadeus IDPMS main features

When talking about the favorite features of IDPMS, the software truly stands out with its functionality: “It is extremely user friendly and at the same time it offers great overviews in a single page,” says Thijs. Often software associates with a lot of learning and teaching, which then associates with a waste of time to achieve something that is already working for you. That’s why it is important for a system to be really easy to use for anyone. IDPMS is very smart and together with the information available it is easier to establish new goals and actually achieve them. On top of it all, it can be integrated with over 350 third parties, for example, POS, PBX, Payments etc.

Brilliant’s upgrade to IDPMS

When talking about the improvements from Brilliant PMPro to Amadeus IDPMS, Thijs says it is like comparing your old car to a a brand new one:”When you purchase a new car, everything is nicer and smoother: the design, the technology improvements and other small but meaningful things. It is the same with Amadeus IDPMS – it has become much faster, you can access information in a couple of minutes instead of hours, it offers new integrations and features, a higher data intelligence with more reports and many many more features,” he says as the list goes on. Most importantly it is much more stable and has less down time, which improves the overall speed and performance.

The decision to be server based

Nowadays we are used to accessing all of the information online, however, IDPMS stands by the decision to have it on the server rather than on the cloud. “It is very common for our clients to request online access to the data from the server. However, our solution for that, is to integrate an another system, which would allow online presence,” Thijs says.

One of the biggest differences for a cloud based system and a server based system is the payment plan: a cloud based system either requires a monthly or yearly payment, however, when purchasing a server based system, it is a one time payment and eventually becomes a much cheaper investment. Thijs also mentions, that as the cloud technology is still quite new, many cloud based companies are only just now starting, when Amadeus has over 20 years of experience. That is a huge advantage, as instead of coming up with the needs from hotels, they perfect them. Another advantage is, that you are never dependent on the internet, the data will be always accessible with a high speed.

When looking for a server based solution, Amadeus IDPMS is the key PMS for your hotel. “It’s hard to name a single favorite thing about the system, as we are really proud of it as a whole,” Thijs concluded. Join Progressive now to bring you a step closer to your goals together with Amadeus IDPMS in Malta!

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