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What to consider before buying a new property management system

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A hotel property management system (PMS) gives the opportunity for each hotel to reach higher service standards. It has replaced manual and inefficient task execution and now streamlines your daily routine. From managing basic tasks to helping you make business decisions, the hotel software has transitioned into a 24/7 employee. If chosen correctly, it can improve your service tremendously. With so many in the market, how to know which one is for you? Consider these 5 suggestions before making the final decision.

1. Simple and operational

The first and most important suggestion to run the hotel profitably is to have a hotel software, which is simple and operational. If it doesn’t serve the basic purpose of it, it doesn’t matter how many other great features it has. Make sure, that the system has a small training time and an intuitive interface. Your focus must remain the guest’s experience not calling the customer service for every single task.

2. Mobile

Accessing the hotel software should be as easy as accessing Facebook. Staying behind the desk to overview the hotel and its guests is not the reality anymore. Tablet devices give flexibility to access data immediately not only at certain locations. A mobile system gives the hotel a competitive advantage, as it can speed up your services drastically.

3. Integrated

A modern system should be flexible enough to integrate with other platforms easily without losing its value. The purpose of a PMS is to optimize the overall efficiency of the hotel by reducing manual work, therefore, choose a system which will either have what you need or integrate with what you already have for streamlined functions.

4. Return on investment

The price of the system is also one of the most important things to consider. Calculate how much time the system would save for your employees, which waste hours doing repetitive tasks. Mature systems are usually more price sensitive, however also more powerful and well established. Depending on the size of the hotel, more affordable solutions are available for a monthly fee.

5. Brand & Support

When you have a found an appealing software for your hotel, researching reviews and testimonials is the most powerful free tool. Firstly, check the brand’s social media networks and online activities. No activity and a huge “follower” count doesn’t generate credibility. Second, it is crucial for the system’s brand to evolve together with the modern technology. No matter how easy the system is to use, no one wants to change it on a yearly basis. And finally, try calling the customer service. Any system would have the occasional hiccup and you have to be sure, that someone will be there to fix it, no matter the time or the day.

Can’t decide?

Progressive offers the most advanced hotel property management systems in Malta. Contact us now, to find the most suitable solution for your hotel and enjoy a free demo.

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