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Essential Features of a Good Cloud based Property Management System (PMS)

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Right now the market is crowded with cloud based property management systems, with more and more being developed. But what are the most important features, which we shouldn’t forget to have in a cloud based PMS? This article will look over the 3 most important features, which you need to have in your system-cloud based or server-based, and why they are important to have.


You can compare a hotel management system to holding a smartphone for the very first time- it might seem confusing but, while handling, it gets easy to use. It should be the same with a PMS, within the first experience you can tell, if it has a user friendly interface and, if it is functional. That is always the priority when choosing a system for your property and is essential for an efficient system. It should never be a matter of months to learn the basic functions, as, when expanding and hiring new employees, each one of them would also require months to learn how to use it, losing a lot of time. Additionally to the growth, the needs of your property might change and instead of changing systems, it must be easily adaptable.


The hospitality management system is the core of your property, just like the bricks of a building- it holds everything together. It must have real-time communication with integrated online booking channels and the point of sale system to avoid discrepancies or missed opportunities for the guest. For example, connect the point of sale system Lightspeed to the hotel’s PMS and immediately serve your guests room service. With accessible data reports adjust prices early according to the season’s guest attendance, and make other amendments dependant on the guest’s wishes.


In today’s age almost everything is available on the cloud: you can store your photos and listen to millions of songs just by logging in on an application. It is understandable why hoteliers seek the same experience in a hotel management system. Even though there’s tens or even hundreds of systems based on the cloud, only a few have the quality of a server based system. Being recently developed, the systems tend to offer a lot and forget about the first point we discussed- functionality. Strictly look for a system developed by hoteliers, for example, Mews, which is already being used around the world, offering a seamless interface and integrations.

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