Mobile POS System

A mobile point of sale system serves the purpose of integrating the Sage data with your Sales representative. For example, when a customer wants to deliver a parcel, it needs to use a delivery service.

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Then the delivery service brings the parcel to the end location. In this case, the customer is the company using Sage, the delivery service is a mobile point of sale system and the delivery is the sales representative. It streamlines your processes without you having to do double the work.

Xtra Sales Mobile POS solutions

Usually, you would have to enter all the data twice for the sales representative, however, with the mobile POS XtraSales it is all automated, and even available offline. This saves your time and continuously reports what your sales representative is doing. As soon as you input the order details, it is automatically reflected on the software as an unprocessed order. Even more, the software strengthens your relationship with the customer, as you can see their previous orders and preferences, not only saving time for you, but also creating a knowledgeable profile of the company.

The main features of the Xtra Sales POS software

Simplicity is key

Managing many operations usually brings unnecessary complications. Let the mobile POS system deal with the complications and spend your focus on the customer. Not only it is simple to use, it is also fast. Locate the stocks with the advanced facility and save time by copying previous orders or customer details to process your orders even more efficiently.


When the information is constantly updated, it must be constantly available to reduce mistakes. With Xtra Sales you can always track the inventory and order information in the matter of a few clicks. It creates credibility for the company, as you don’t promise something you don’t have and can give truthful information about when the desired product would be back in stock.

An affordable solution

No matter the size of your business, the mobile POS software does a lot for a little. Time is the most expensive resource there is, which is why XtraSales is so useful to have.

Offline opportunities

It is important to keep the environment organized no matter online or offline. Streamlining processes can be easy in both cases, as XtraSales can work offline and immediately synchronize when online.

Automated processes

When having special offers, the POS system automates them to avoid having mistakes. Your customer will always receive the expected discounts or free items, which come with purchase.


You don’t have to repeatedly enter all the data twice, XtraSales will do it for you. The software is fully integrated with Sage accounting software: Sage 50 and Sage Evolution. Create more opportunities and have realistic vision for the future.

Mobile point of sale systems are a useful tool to simplify the daily processes for your sales representative. Sage gives accurate information for XtraSales, therefore, builds trust for your customers, creating a relationship. Continue building your business with Progressive and let us lead you into a simpler experience.

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