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How to Use Sage Accounting for a Small Business

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An accounting system is one of the most important parts for a small business: it tracks your budget, is able to forecast your finances and can determine profitability. If the entrepreneur has a reliable and accurate picture of the financial expectations, the company gains credibility as a business and as an investment. Sage has collected experiences from small business owners, which have already experienced the benefits of Sage One/Business Cloud Accounts.

Sage One/ Business Cloud Accounts

Sage Business Cloud Accounting, also known as Sage One, is an on the cloud based accounting system. The cloud means, that it is available anywhere and anytime, and is as easy to log on as Facebook or LinkedIn. It securely stores the data for your access and has a user friendly interface for a fast and simple access. Sage has collected multiple reviews from small businesses, how the system’s features inspire for an easier accounting management.

Available anywhere

You don’t have to be at the office to create professional looking quotes or to track payments against every invoice- the information is accessible even on the mobile phone or tablet.

“Instead of spending a lot of time in front of a computer, I can spend more time with my family or doing things, that I actually enjoy,” says Michael Winnecke, the co-founder of Vidforweb.

Follow your cash flow

Track your cash flow by following up on invoices, income and expenses. John Savage, the owner of John Savage Photography said, that it has worked perfectly for his business:”I can manage the cash flow and invoice my clients no matter of my location or device.”


With Sage Business Cloud you can match every transaction on your statements automatically. Tim Louie, the president of Tsue Chong company said, that they’ve used Sage for more than 20 years now and have also explored other accounting software:”Other systems do not perform as well as Sage. It has been an important part of our bookkeeping and accounting function”.

Work on the go

Use your phone to work on the finances when you are on the go. Other Sage Business Cloud users have enjoyed saving a lot of time on accounting as well. “It has helped us to save around five hours every week on managing the accounting,” says Dan Perpeluk, the owner of Crossover Media.

Grow together with Sage Business Cloud

Manage all of your business interests in one place. Everarde Cal, the founder of Yogardener thinks, that it is the perfect tool for any small business:”It makes it easier to keep track of clients smoothly and effectively at a low cost. I highly recommend Sage Business Cloud to any small business.”

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