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Why choose Sage Evolution: Testimonials

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Sage Evolution Accounting & Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) software is the all in one solution, especially handy for businesses managing multiple warehouses. The system is purely focused on process streamlining, easy & fast access and increasing productivity, as well as profitability for the company. Thousands of businesses trust their daily operations to Sage and we are able to give you an insight of a few of them.

Al Dahra

Al Dahra, a company in the United Arab Emirates, is working within the agriculture industry. The business finds Sage Evolution Accounting & ERP solution extremely useful for automating the mundane tasks. The company also enjoys the comprehensive reporting which allows them to make more informed decisions towards the business future. With the company expanding all over the world, it was crucial that their system solution supports multiple companies and currencies. Together with Sage, the business is ready to expand even further.


Artimos is a technology and business consulting company, which has offices in The United States, Spain, South Africa and The United Arab Emirates. With thousands of clients trusting them for further business development, the consulting company wants to be sure to deliver excellent software. Together with Sage they are fully able to understand each client needs and go towards building a successful business.

City Cruises

The famous UK’s boat tours “City Cruises” offer the most entertaining trips in the country. Since 1996, the business has acquired 17 boats and one of them carries even up to 600 passengers. The business was looking for a solution to increase the efficiency for all departments and discovered Sage Evolution. They find reports the most useful, as it gives a clear insight of the business and how well it is performing, as well as helps with making future decisions.


Kookaburra is an Australian cricket and hockey equipment company. The history of this business goes back to 1863. While it started with selling leather goods, now the store is the official cricket ball supplier for championships around the world and its products are being sold in over 50 countries. The company chose to use Sage Evolution Accounting & ERP because it provides all the necessary data to make fast decisions. With the business growing, it’s important to have one source of information to fully control all aspects of the company and Sage keeps track of everything, which makes decision making fast and efficient.

Kobayashi Americas

The Japanese manufacturing company Kobayashi Americas manages many healthcare brands and required a simple automation system to streamline all the processes for a whole picture of how the business is performing. With Sage Evolution the business is able to integrate all archive into a single system and provide real time data to track shipments and the company’s products.

More about Sage Evolution

Sage Evolution ERP has been developed by the latest technology. With a short deploy time you can manage all business functions from creating quotations to building customer and supplier relationships. The accounting system and ERP solution is easy to use and gives a clear overview of the business performance. The latest version has significantly increased employee productivity by adding more features, for example, now you can copy and paste data directly to an Excel file.

Find out more about Sage Evolution Accounting & ERP system together with Progressive, the official Platinum Sage representative in Malta.

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