Mews Property Management System

The revolutionary cloud based hotel management system automates the back office operations for a memorable guest experience. Developed by hoteliers, the hotel software simplifies routine management tasks and delivers high performance.

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Why Mews?

Mews hotel management system delivers a unique performance starting from the basic tasks to a performance analysis of the hotel. It automates most manual tasks, the payment process and booking workflow. Mews encourages growth for your business in Malta or abroad and will be able to give the same performance quality for multiple hotels. It features an open platform hence allowing most of your favourite apps to plug in seamlessly and very easily, including, Channel Managers, Revenue Managers and Marketing automation applications. Online check in allows your guests to check in online saving valuable time for your front of house operations and extra comfort for your guests. Manage your hotel from anywhere in the world, together with Mews.


Mews Property Management System Features

Cloud Based

Serve your guests from anywhere.

Multi property enabled

A unique multi-property reservation screen.


Booking Engines, Point of Sale Systems, Business Intelligence Revenue Management and 100's of other systems.

Your Operations at the tips of your fingers

See the status of any of your departments, from reservations to maintenance, via a simple dashboard.

Online check-in for a greater guest experience

Your guests skip the queues at reception and reach their room faster.

Flexible reporting

Don’t miss out on any opportunities with visual reports

Inbuilt booking engine

A 6 step booking engine with a beautiful, easy to use design.



MEWS supports a complete two-way integration of bookings with Channel managers. The channel managers create a one real-time connection between Mews and the most important channels. One of the unique features about MEWS is it's open integration library which allows integrations with most third party applications which are essential to your hotel including: Lightspeed, Sage Business Cloud, Xero, Power BI etc.

Hotel software overview Why move on the cloud?
The cloud based hotel software is accessible from anywhere. Indeed, Mews is a fully mobile solution, giving hotels the freedom to serve their guests from anywhere in the hotel. Manage your operations anytime from any device no matter where you are. The hotel management system has a unique multi-property reservation screen, which allows you to make reservations from one central location without having to buy expensive add-on solutions. One of the favorite guest features is the online check in- not only it reduces the queques but also allows the employees to focus on personalized service. The hotel management system shines with its excellent reporting. Hoteliers should be able to pick and choose data points and flex their reports to be able to visualize any trends or take advantage of any opportunities. Mews reports export to macro friendly Excel files, and through our intuitive report scheduler, you can have reports delivered to you automatically. It is always handy to have the most important data in hand to make important decisions fast. One of the most valuable features is the mobility of the hotel system- it is accessible from anywhere. Having the system on the cloud brings many advantages, for example, due to the remote access, the employees are no longer fixed to one location, which improves the guest service drastically as they’re able to serve them immediately. Having a personal experience has become a very active discussion in the hospitality industry because of the high increase of travelers in Malta. High level service has been proven to increase guest retention, therefore hotel’s profitability. The remote access also benefits the management as they’re able to access the data anywhere in the world. As a cloud based system it is less expensive than server based systems, which is why Mews is the perfect affordable hotel software for properties which are just now opening, however, can support larger and more mature hotels as well.
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Would like to learn more about Mews?

A hotel management system can be crucial to delivering excellent customer service and we want to be sure you’re getting the best for your hospitality business. Alex is driven to finding you the best quality accounting and hotel management software for the most memorable guest experiences. Reach out to him to unleash your business potential.

Alex Grima

Founder and Managing Director