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What our clients love about Lightspeed Restaurant

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Hospitality is all about delivering excellent service, so why should the system you use to manage your restaurant deliver anything less than a five-star experience?

Lightspeed Restaurant is the industry-leading POS system for restaurants, bars and cafes. It’s built with all the features needed to run a smooth and efficient operation, whether you’re dealing with ten covers or a hundred.

These are just a few of the advanced features offered by Lightspeed Restaurant POS system. But what do people who use Lightspeed every day in their business really appreciate most about it?

We’ve asked six restaurateurs in Malta to share their thoughts about using Lightspeed Restaurant POS at their establishments, and why they wouldn’t replace it with any other system.

When asked to describe Lightspeed Restaurant POS in a few words, certain phrases kept turning up again and again in their comments: efficient, easy-to-use, fast and reliable, and user-friendly

Lightspeed Restaurant POS system was developed to always keep you in control while helping staff stay efficient and offering on-the-spot service to customers.

Faster and efficient service

Rachel Alessi praises the almost telepathic capabilities of Lightspeed, pointing out how easily you track operations from any place using a phone or tablet. Orders taken outside the premises are instantly logged on the bar or kitchen terminal, so staff can start handing clients’ orders even before the waiter has left the tableside. 

Since the system is very fast, you can add products on-the-fly, which is very convenient when the last thing you have is time. Andre Micallef mentions how Lightspeed has made it easier for them to operate on busy nights since there’s no need for waiters to write down orders and punch them. 

According to Martin Zarb, smart features like showing photos of dishes on the tablet makes it easier for patrons to make a decision and cut down on ordering time.

Easier to train staff

Adrian Hili believes in the potential of Lightspeed to make things “more efficient”, namely the fact that it simplifies ordering and offers enhanced menu presentation on portable devices. It’s also easier to brief staff and carry out essential tasks like data keeping and reporting of sales. 

Ivan Bajada comments about how it is “very easy to learn” and that it’s by far the easiest POS system they’ve experimented with. Martin Zarb even says that it feels “like a computer game” and they found no issues training staff to use it. 

Rachel Alessi agrees, noting how easy it is to upload items onto the system and modify them. According to Rouvin Zammit Apap, the system was “up-and-running in no time, allowing staff to take orders right away after setup” and this has contributed immensely to improving guest experience and streamlining internal operations.

Better control of stock

Ivan Bajada points out the convenience of obtaining a complete visual overview of the current work, such as the number of sales, directly from your office. 

However, Lightspeed Restaurant POS is also a useful tool to monitor daily sales even when the owners are not present on the premises, as Martin Zarb says: “you can see the level of profitability, quickly find each dish and drink, and monitor business performance live.”

Andre Micallef mentions how the amount of detail available from the POS system is incredible: an essential feature for leaders in the catering industry, who need to track and control costs very closely. 

Improved security

With Lightspeed, there’s no room for fraudulent transactions, bad orders, or even staff pilfering. Our users say it is highly recommended for security, cost-effectiveness and reliable service.

In the words of Rouvin Zammit Apap: “as restaurant operators, we don’t need to be physically present in the restaurant to access data; just log in through smartphone or tablet and you’ll find it there.” 

Everything is stored safely in the cloud, so you can keep track of business even when abroad via the app. You don’t need any extra equipment to view the back-office and quickly add or change items on the menu.

A modern and complete digital POS solution

Many of our users switched to Lightspeed from a different system and in a few cases, this was their first foray in digital POS systems. The consensus is that they immediately felt at ease using Lightspeed to run their restaurants and nobody imagines going back to previous methods.

After experiencing how Lightspeed changes the outlook on service, it has become a central part of each of their businesses. As a platinum-level partner of Lightspeed in Malta, Progressive is proud to offer restaurant owners this complete POS solution, which has earned rave reviews from our clients thanks to ease-of-use and excellent after-sales service.

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