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Connect all your enterprise’s operations with Sage 200 Evolution

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Sage Evolution 200, represented in Malta by Progressive, is a new-age business management solution created especially for big businesses.

A common challenge amongst businesses which have scaled or are in the process of doing so is proper management. Keeping track of your financial situations whilst also dealing with client, employee, and supplier relationships is nothing short of an endeavour. Sage 200 Evolution has been created for this single purpose; providing a forward leap in big business management.

Smart software which can adapt as you grow

Sage is best known for its accounting software. It has been the accountant’s partner of choice for over 20 years, thanks to its high standards and compliance with local legislation. Naturally, Sage Evolution 200 includes accounting modules, but these have now been ramped up to increase productivity and interact with other management applications.

In addition to accounting, the core product offers you convenient and flexible ways to manage your daily operations. Employee time-on-task, as well as client and supplier relationships, can all be managed from a user-friendly and smart interface.

Beyond the core modules, you can pick and choose additional modules which suit your business or industry. These can be deployed rapidly and offer the best way to scale whilst keeping costs under control.

Sage 200 Evolution Intelligence Reporting lets you extract custom data across your company’s entire operation. Create your own reports and data fields to better analyse trends and use projection modelling to stay ahead of market changes.

Hit the ground running with Sage Evolution 200

Finding trained staff to support your growth is easier when you choose Sage. Thousands in Malta have experience using a Sage application, and this means that your staff will spend less time on training and more time on being productive. In addition, with comparatively lower setup and configuration costs, choosing Sage provides a cost-effective ownership structure. 

Businesses find a lasting partner in Sage and Progressive

The world today is very different from 1981 when Sage first started offering enterprise software in the UK. Today, there are quite literally hundreds of cloud-based management applications for businesses to choose from. Promising the world, but oftentimes failing to deliver, they can spell disaster for any organisation.

By choosing Sage, which is represented in Malta by Progressive, you are entrusting your company’s management software to a team with a long and successful track record.

Contact us today to view the complete range of Sage 200 Evolution benefits.

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