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Integrate all your Modules with LightSpeed Restaurant

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With the New year coming along, it is now time to think about possibly switching to a new ERP or accounting system that will help in providing an integrated and holistic view of your business. If so, it’s time to revolutionize the way you’re doing business.

LightSpeed Restaurant x Celery

Although restrictions have slowly started to ease up, contamination is still a very real possibility and rather than hoping to feed 50 percent fewer patrons than you normally do and risk exposing them and your employees to the virus, perhaps the better and more sustainable way forward would be to shut down your restaurant to the public and turn your kitchen into a safe, sanitized, virtual kitchen.  

By converting from table service to virtual kitchen, you can better monitor and avoid contamination while still serving your clients. To do so efficiently, you would need an integration for your restaurant which will enable you to directly sell to your customers without incurring hefty charges from mainstream delivery services.

For this, we have teamed up with Celery to integrate your LightSpeed Restaurant and restaurant ecommerce to receive online orders directly from your point of sale!

LightSpeed Restaurant x  APICBASE

Let’s face it, food cost management might probably be the greatest challenge for any restaurant, especially during these uncertain times.

In many restaurants, the estimation of food prices has still remained a guessing game due to the unpredictable constraints that result in never completely quantifying your prices. Although it is tempting to use averages or omit individual costs, accuracy is a distinctive advantage.

That is why we partnered up with APICBASE in order for restaurateurs to manage food stocks and inventory management.

This cloud based software measures purchases and cost per serving, and also helps you compare recipe efficiency and engineer menus for maximum profitability and keeping costs down.

Progressive x SAGE Evolution 200

Sage 200 Evolution will take together all facets of your operating environment and allow you the opportunity to monitor your financial position as well as your interaction with your clients, vendors and employees. 

Sage 200 Evolution is designed to be completely consistent with municipal laws and accounting practices. The product provides a wide variety of functionality complemented by a selection of add-on modules resulting in a versatile, modular and robust management platform for your restaurant. Additionally, the Integrated Business Activity Tracking function gives you a balanced view of your business when all accounting and business records are part of the same framework. 

Full integration across all modules helps you control your data in whichever way you prefer, this allows you to design your specialised reports in any way that could give you a strategic advantage. In doing so, you’ll be able to see patterns in your business that would otherwise be impossible to identify. 

To find out more, get in touch with us today. 

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