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How to use gift cards in the restaurant point of sale system Lightspeed?

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In the season of giving, many struggle to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, colleagues or even your hairdresser, who managed to find time for a last minute appointment. The most thoughtful last minute gift is always a gift card. Gift cards are great not only as a present but also for your business, as the customer often spends more than its value. It is a way to attract new customers and generate a higher revenue. In this article we will provide a small tutorial, how to set-up and use gift cards on the restaurant point of sale system Lightspeed, because who doesn’t love a free dinner?

How to load a gift card?

1. Pay screen

First go to the “Pay” screen. Select the “Gift Card” button.

2. Gift Card screen

To activate the gift card, select the “Activate/Recharge” option.

3. Enter gift card number

Enter a unique ID number. You can use any number combination you would like, however, be sure, that the number differs from which you have used in others. In this example, the number combination is 514514.

4. Add amount

Add the desired amount for the gift card. In this example it is 50€. You can now see, that the gift card is loaded and active.

In this example, the customer chose to pay with cash and the payment is now closed.

How to use the gift card?

1. Pay screen

After the guests have finished their meal, tap on the “Pay screen”

2. Gift card screen

Head to the “Gift card” screen.

3. Pay with Gift card

Select the option to pay with a gift card.

4. Enter number

Enter the unique number of the gift card, in this example 514514.

5. Charge

In this case, the bill is 30.50€. Tap “Charge” and the bill has been paid. You can also see, that the remaining balance is 19.50€.

How to check the balance of a gift card?

1. Pay screen

After selecting your table, tap the “Pay” screen.

2. Gift card screen

Tap on the “Gift card” screen.

3. Check the balance

Choose the option to “Check the balance”

4. Enter number

Enter the unique number combination, in this example it is 514514 and you can immediately see, that the remaining balance is 19.50€.

How to see all gift cards?

1. Lightspeed Restaurant Manager

Start from the “Lightspeed Restaurant Manager”

2. Payments

Tap on “Payments”

3. Gift cards

Tap on “Gift cards” and now you can see the value of all gift cards sold (Sold Value), used by the customers (Redeemed Value) and the outstanding value of the remaining gift cards (Outstanding Value).

We hope that this tutorial has been helpful and encouraging for your business to start using gift cards. Not a Lightspeed client yet? Learn more about the restaurant point of sale system here and contact us for more information here. The first 14 days are free!

*Article was inspired by Heather Hamilton’s article:”How to use gift cards in Lightspeed Restaurant”, published on

** Thank you for the wonderful photo, from Pexels.

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