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What’s new in SAGE 50 Accounts 2016

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Because Sage is the industry standard in many parts of the world when it comes to professional business accounting software, the platform itself is being constantly updated. Even better, Sage bases new updates on the needs of Sage users themselves. This is why Sage 50 in 2016, incorporates features which new and existing users are guaranteed to be excited by.

Helping you Maintain a Healthier Balance Sheet

Nothing disrupts business cash flow like past due client invoices. However, until now, sorting through unpaid invoices has left some Sage users feeling frustrated to say the least. This is why with Sage 50 2016, users can now retrieve information on debtors and unpaid invoices at the click of a button. At the same time, Sage 50 2016 now makes it easier than ever to edit and correct errors, as well as utilize live bank feeds through which you can compare actual transactions against recorded Sage 50 transactions and reconcile discrepancies accordingly.

Full Sage 50 Payment Systems Integration

The most exciting thing about Sage 50 2016? Using Sage 50, you can now make (and automate) your payroll and other outgoing payments directly through Sage. This being the case, Sage 50 just became the easiest way for businesses to gaurantee timely and accurate payment of both suppliers and business employees.

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