Retail POS System

When explaining a retail POS system, some define it as the core of their business. On the technical side, it is the place, where the customer commits the purchase: it is your cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer and register screen.

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The system can do so much more than that: it follows your sales, inventory, customers etc. – these actions can be crucial for a business’s development. The more advanced systems also offer numerous integrations, for example, integrate with your accounting system for an even easier management.

Xtra POS Retail Software solutions

At Progressive, we offer the basic features and we take it a little further for the company’s and your customers’ satisfaction. When choosing your retail management software, it is important, that it offers the basic features: sales reporting, customer management and inventory management. XtraPOS does that and more. It is extremely simple and up to date. This is an affordable solution to bring your retail environment to the present.

The main features of XtraPOS

User friendliness

Often buying something new can associate with big books of instructions and hard studying. It can seem even scarier when diving into new technology, after all, you might have to change your routine. XtraPOS Retail will help make the transition as seamless as possible and it will seem as if you have had the system since day one. Its simplicity is key, yet the retail system still performs its powerful features.

Inventory management

The retail management software always follows what you have in stock and what you’re about to be missing. You can choose to oversee one single item, a group of items or even everything, what you have in stock. Nothing smells better than a loaf of fresh bread every morning! If an item is sitting on the shelf for more that it was supposed to, offer discounts to sell it out. The leading inventory management software for your shop in Malta or abroad

Sales reports

After a long day at work, it seems like home is so close to reach, until you realize, that you still need to do the sales reports. Stop worrying and go home: with XtraPOS you’ll get the end of the day reports within a few clicks. The reports are accessible and summarized for an easy examination.

Customer management

Loyalty cards and special offers are some of the biggest customer retention factors. The point of sale system will make it easy for your customer to come again: special offers, general discounts, 2 for 1 offers and quantity discounts can be added with no troubles.


With all of our daily use devices connected, it makes sense, that different systems should be connected as well. XtraPOS is integrated with Sage Evolution and Sage 50, giving you more opportunities to maintain and expand your business beyond the standard experience.

Are you looking for something that’s missing? Contact us now and we will help you find a tailored solution to your needs. Simplify the way you do business- let go of your old retail systems and join the revolution with Progressive.

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