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Should your hotel be moving on to the cloud?

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The average consumer has been continuously moving on to the cloud. Downloading music and movies seems like something everyone used to do a lifetime ago and everyone enjoys the convenience of media online accessibility. While we have implemented these solutions in our daily lives, it has affected all industries around the world, including hospitality. Is it worth it to have your hotel management software on the cloud? Let’s overview the three most discussed cloud hotel software features.

1. Remote control

One of the most obvious and demanded features is the accessibility of a cloud based system. The hotel staff and management is no longer dependent on being at the physical property to manage and overview its functions. The users always receive real time data as long as there is an internet connection. This presents many advantages from installation of the system to using the system. For example, the software presents occasional updates to improve the user experience, similarly to the applications on your phone. Basically, the hotel management system never goes obsolete as it’s constantly improving. If we compare it to a server based system, it would most likely become outdated within the next 5-10 years and require a new system purchase. Other cloud hotel management software, for example, Mews also offers a variety of integrations, streamlining all daily functions from one place.

2. Increased productivity

While there are many arguments to use a hotel management system, one of the main reasons is to increase productivity. Wasting resources on tasks which can be automated is one of the biggest unnecessary expenses. Automating the mundane tasks will not only increase productivity but also the level of customer service. Personal touch and an outstanding experience are some of the biggest factors in customer retention and can be achieved by completely focusing on the guest. That can be accomplished only when the hotel software stands behind it with smooth, streamlined and excellent technical work. Nothing ruins a stay more than getting the wrong room or realizing that the hotel has been overbooked.

3. Security

One of the biggest worries that hoteliers usually have towards cloud software, is the security of data. It has become an even bigger concern with the latest EU regulations. While it may seem that cloud software presents security challenges, it shows the exact opposite: the cloud software presents a higher standard of security as they often do security updates to protect the guest information against cyber attacks. For example, Mews has implemented strict procedures to protect the guest’s data from any damage, loss or illegal use. Cloud based systems also present the advantage of seamless data protection updates, as they’re immediately updated online.


Cloud based hotel property management systems (PMS) bring along many opportunities to further improve the guest’s experience. While it seems that the future is going to be on the cloud, the current cloud hotel software is still quite fresh. There’s more and more new software appearing, which is why hotel owners have to be careful to choose a system which is strictly developed by hoteliers and focused on the daily task convenience. Also, always keep in mind the size of the property and the amount of bookings. Select server based hotel software still prove to be superior in managing large capacity.

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