Point of Sale & Handhelds

Our range of Sage-integrated point of sale and handheld systems for the retail and catering industries and also for sales representatives on the move are the ideal solution for an integrated business ecosystem.

What is Lightspeed Restaurant Point of Sale?

Lightspeed Restaurant Cloud Point of Sale is a world renowned system that enables business owners to easily and efficiently co-ordinate your orders and your customers. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and you can be up and running in a few hours, allowing you to focus on giving your customers the best experience. With its detailed reporting that can be accessed from wherever you are, you will be able to keep track of top selling items as well as noting peak business hours.

Lightspeed works entirely on Apple iPads, so orders are taken by the table and sent to your printers eliminating the need to rush back and forth between the kitchen and bars to relay orders. Orders can be customized to add notes and modifiers to relay critical information such as cooking temperatures for meats, or any allergies that a guest may have. Lightspeed can be further customized to suit different business types, whether you deal in the restaurant business for table ordering and waiter service, or if you own a bar or club where quick item ordering is essential for your clients to avoid long times.

Why choose Lightspeed?

The Restaurant Point of Sales Lightspeed offers an all-in-one package while keeping costs low. All that is need to get you up and running, is an iPads, Printer and a cash-drawer. With these few and simple tools, you will be ready to serve your clients as efficiently as possible. Lightspeed delivers continuous updates and improvements to the system so you can rest assured that around the corner the system will be able to improve your efficiency even more.

XtraPOS Retail POS, What makes XtraPOS Retail different?

XtraPOS Retail was built from the ground up with our customers in mind, which resulted in a system that does it all. From Customer loyalty, Inventories and reporting, to a custom built integration with Sage for even more advanced reporting, functionality, and Accountancy. XtraPOS Retail has been customized to suit many different types of businesses, whether you are running a small convenience store or a multi-storey supermarket XtraPOS could be the system for you.

XtraSales Mobile System

XtraSales Mobile System has been designed to give your sales reps peace of mind when taking orders from clients outside of the office. Integrated fully with Sage accounting, your sales reps will be able to check stock lists, customer preferences and previous sales and most importantly your sales reps will be able to input client orders on the fly. XtraSales does not need a constant internet connection to work either, orders are withheld securely on the mobile device and orders are then sent to the office as an unprocessed invoice for double checking and finalizing at the push of a single button.