Hotel Property Management System (PMS)

A hotel runs tens of functions at the same time and a hotel property management system automates most of these tasks. This allows the human resources to focus entirely on the guest.

At Progressive, we offer cloud based PMS and server based PMS solutions, which can be customized for any hotel property type.


Amadeus IDPMS

Amadeus IDPMS is the latest system from the world-wide famous brand Amadeus Hospitality. With more than 30 years of experience, the brand has a strong position in the PMS market.

Amadeus IDPMS is a server based hotel property management system, which is able to power even the biggest and most complex hospitality businesses. It’s a great system to use for a well established hotel, as it seamlessly streamlines all the processes together.




Rate management: The value of a hotel’s room can change within days. It’s crucial to be up to date and change the room rate accordingly to remain profitable.

Database: No matter, if you have one hotel property or more, the changes in the database are immediately available in all of your hotels.

Interface: A hotel PMS should make your daily routine easier, which cannot be done with a complex system with months of training and support. Amadeus IDPMS has a user friendly interface and is extremely easy to use.

Sales: Streamline the sales process together with the hotel software. Monitor your success for a more informative future decision making.

Finance: The system supports any ownership models.


Hear it from their clients: Amadeus IDPMS Testimonial



Developed by hoteliers themselves, Mews hotel property management system has been growing all around the world in a tremendous pace. More and more hotels and hostels choose their hotel software from Mews because of its simplicity and efficiency.

Mews is a cloud based hotel property management system, which is paid for a monthly fee. It’s a great system for hotels with a limited budget or hotels, which are just now starting their business. Even though perfect for smaller establishments, it supports mature hotel properties as well.




Operations: Overview all departments through a single hotel software. Avoid months of training and have the whole team well informed no matter of their location. Your focus can stay on each guest, personalizing and perfecting their overall experience.

Mobile: Staying behind the desk is no longer necessary to serve your guests. A lot of resources are wasted when your hotel property management system lacks mobility and is fixed to one location. Manage all operations no matter the time, day or location with Mews.

Integrations: Modern day systems are great, because they offer multiple integrations for the ultimate synchronization. For example, have all the most important numbers directed to your accounting system within minutes. Have a restaurant? Integrate it with your point of sale system.

Check in: Online check-in for flights has become casual and most airlines have fees when checking in physically at the airport. This saves an incredible amount of time, which improves airline overall efficiency. Hotels are on the way there as well- check in online with Mews and all your guest has to do, is to pick up their key. No more papers, passport scans or copies necessary.

Reports: Visualize your daily, weekly or monthly reports to examine the hotel’s trends and possible opportunities. The hotel property management system offers file exports to your Excel sheet, if necessary and also automatically delivered reports.


Hear it from their clients: Mews Testimonial


More and more hotels in Malta are choosing their hotel property management system from Progressive. We deliver high class software custom to your wishes and budget. Contact us to discuss your hotel software needs and have a free consultation with a demo to see it for yourself.


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