Xtra Suite of Sage Addons.

To ensure a better fit between Sage software and the needs of businesses in Malta, we have developed a number of applications which integrate seamlessly with Sage and automate specific businesses processes, thereby saving you substantial time and money.


To facilitate Data Interchange between your organisation and your customers and suppliers, we have developed XtraOrderImporter which allows you to automatically import and process Purchase Orders and Sales Orders via Microsoft Excel Sheets or Comma separated files into Sage Evolution.

  • Import purchase orders and sales orders from comma separated files or Microsoft Excel Sheets.
  • Flexible mapping between inventory supplier codes and Sage inventory codes. System allows you to map via Barcodes.
  • Picks up pricing either from Sage Evolution or from the import file itself.
  • Automatically create purchase and sales orders in Sage Evolution.
  • Supports multiple warehouses.
  • Eliminates the need to key in orders in Sage Evolution.

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