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Now is the best time to upgrade your retail and restaurant POS

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Keeping track of purchases and controlling inventory are essential aspects of running a retail or hospitality business. With point-of-sale (POS) systems, such as Lightspeed and XtraPOS, these two processes can be managed directly from the cash register. Shops, cafes, and bars can use POS software to keep a record of each sale when it happens and update their product inventory at the same time. 

Besides saving them a lot of time and effort compared to traditional bookkeeping methods, a digital POS system also offers advanced functionalities such as the ability to automatically analyse historical sales figures and track the best-selling products in stock. Store owners and restaurant managers can use this information to adjust purchasing levels and get practical insights into their customers’ preferences and season buying trends.

POS systems nowadays come with all sorts of add-ons and integrations. If your business uses accounting software from Sage, the Progressive technical team can very easily set up a two-way exchange of data between your accounting modules and your digital POS. 

Many establishments in Malta are already benefiting from upgrading their point-of-sales and turning their old cash registers into an all-in-one digital solution that automatically keeps track of every aspect of their company’s cash and product flows.

Most POS systems share the same core features, although a few models offer more advanced functionalities than others. Among the points to consider when purchasing or upgrading a POS for your business, look out for the following features:

Undoubtedly, the most important and valuable feature of POS systems is the creation of detailed reports from the sales data collected over time. The most sophisticated systems allow users to visualise this information in various ways, make comparisons between different sales periods, and even suggest which products are generating the most profit.

The reporting capabilities of POS systems have advanced dramatically in recent years. Progressive offers a selection of robust and highly-acclaimed POS packages that integrate with popular accounting software and e-commerce platforms. Our Lightspeed Retail and Restaurant POS are trusted by a number of leading cafes, bars, and fine dining restaurants in Malta.

Progressive is a Platinum Business Partner in Malta of the award-winning Lightspeed Restaurant and Lightspeed Retail POS systems, which allow business owners to effortlessly control every aspect of their venue’s finances, logistics, and human resources from their smartphone or tablet. 

We also offer Xtra POS, which is an easy-to-use and affordable alternative for retail shops, and Xtra Sales POS, a handheld system for mobile sales reps that is fully integrated with Sage Accounts. 

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