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How Can Lightspeed’s Acquisition Of Vend Benefit Your Business?

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Lightspeed, the all-in-one cloud-based point of sale provider, has just completed its purchase of New Zealand’s Vend. As a result, Lightspeed is now able to offer the full suite of ecommerce and customer management solutions powered by Vend.

As Lightspeed’s official partner in Malta, Progressive is now authorised to provide Vend solutions to your business.

What is Vend, Anyway?

Vend is a New Zealand-based provider of POS and retail management systems. Before its acquisition, it counted over 20,000 customers worldwide and was at the forefront of innovation in its sector.

Through this deal, the company will now be able to access Lightspeed’s resources and know how. Together, the two teams have joined forces to offer the best solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a business owner or manager, this means that you can access an even greater choice of tools to startup, grow, and diversify your operations in an affordable way.

What Can Lightspeed and Vend do for my Business?

The short answer is, quite a lot actually. Together, these applications can help you manage your entire sales and customer management systems. They can replace ageing or inefficient workflows through a modular, integrated, and scalable solution.

Here are some of the operations you can complete using Lightspeed and Vend:

These are, of course, just the general benefits of this retail management system. The team at Progressive is trained to understand your business operations and highlight additional tools and resources that can simplify workflows and improve productivity.

Is eCommerce an Important Part of your Business?

It probably is, and choosing the right application can make the difference between automated sales and disgruntled customers. Vend is able to integrate with the world’s top ecommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce and Shopify, to get you selling online as quickly as possible.

How can Vend Keep Your Customers Happy?

As you know, the sale is only part of the customer experience. This is why Lightspeed and Vend offer a range of tools to help you manage your customers and provide them with a pleasant and hassle-free experience. 

The retail POS system can, for example, provide the customer receipt via email. Such functionality might seem irrelevant, but can quickly promote your business as being environmentally-conscious. It can also allow you to create a database of customers with whom to engage with.

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