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Lightspeed Restaurant around the world: the point of sale system’s testimonials

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Lightspeed is one of the most powerful restaurant point of sale systems in the world and they have the numbers to prove it. More and more restaurants choose to switch to the easy to use system for its accessibility and user friendliness. While vastly growing in Malta, Lightspeed Restaurant is taking over the world. Read some of the favorite features from restaurants and businesses all over the world.

Lawrence in Montreal, Canada

Offering a wide range of meals, from breakfast & brunch to lunch & dinner, the highly rated Canadian restaurant serves delicious Eurpoean kitchen. The restaurant struggled with their point of sale system a lot and accessing the back office was the hardest. The business started looking for a more advanced solution and discovered Lightspeed Restaurant.

With the new point of sale system, accessing the back office has become their favorite feature. The data overview gives detailed information about the restaurant’s performance no matter of your location, offering more opportunities to assess what’s working for the restaurant and what’s not. Most importantly, the system saves them a lot of time as all the information is now available at their fingertips.

While the back office is the restaurant’s favorite feature, the point of sale system has improved their overall daily routine as well. Lightspeed is easy to use for anyone, no matter of their background, reducing the training time for restaurant’s waiters and management. The owners recently opened a new cafe and Lightspeed Restaurant POS has become part of their family.

Georgia Theater, Georgia

With a capacity of 800 people, the Georgia Theater is one of the most attended venues in Athens, Georgia. Offering a variety of drinks and snacks, the business was looking for a system to improve their customer experience at a concert.

One of the main requirements of the point of sale system was to increase the speed of their service, while keeping track of the data. Lightspeed point of sale system brought them just that and more: the system increased the overall efficiency, additionally managing their inventory and orders as well.

Another important feature the Georgia Theater gained was having remote access as the system is not fixed to a single location, it’s accessible via a tablet, giving the advantage to serve anyone, anywhere. This gives many other advantages, for example, you don’t have to be at the office to access the back-end of your business. The theater is able to run their business on the go, no matter where they are in the world.

Banh Mi Queen, Quebec

Banh Mi Queen is famous for its great Vietnamese kitchen. Located in Quebec, Canadian province, the restaurant serves large sandwiches for bargain deals. With three more restaurants, time is a crucial factor in the owners lives.

Choosing Lightspeed Restaurant point of sale system was easy, because it efficiently combines 2 crucial parts of the business: location freedom and back office access. The cloud based system offers handy reports to further improve the restaurant.

Lightspeed saves the endless hours spent on analysis at the restaurant’s location after closing. All the data is available for access anytime, overviewing even real time data. The restaurant can make the most informed decisions for a long and successful future.

Lightspeed Restaurant point of sale system is available in Malta, exclusively at Progressive. Offering full support, we will make sure the system fits your restaurant’s needs. Contact us now for a free demonstration.

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