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Integrating Sage accounting platform with popular eCommerce solutions

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to radically restructure their operations and shift most of their daily activities online. 

Several companies were more prepared than others, but the suddenness of this outbreak and the measures taken to control it meant that these changes had to be implemented urgently across the board. 

But it wasn’t the businesses alone that had to adapt to this new situation. Their customers also had to contend with a situation whereby most physical interactions with staff had to be replaced overnight with digital equivalents. 

Adapting your business infrastructure to a new reality

Arguably, customers were better prepared than most enterprises to switch to online-only service! Meanwhile, the ones that had the toughest challenge to adapt were probably brick-and-mortar retail shops and offices that had never invested seriously in online shopping and service delivery until now.

We have seen a massive spike in online ordering in the past weeks, which has left business owners scratching their heads about how to square this new modus operandi with their ERP and accounting systems. 

Luckily, Sage solutions can be integrated with all popular e-commerce tools, such as WooCommerce, thus saving the extra hassle.

Seamless integration and real-time updates

Progressive can set up seamless integration through Sage’s API to allow for two-way data exchange and automation between the accounting software and WooCommerce or similar e-commerce apps. 

This change makes it possible to see inventory and order updates in real-time on both platforms, thus eliminating manual data entry and saving users a lot of time and effort. Even better, this simple upgrade can be readily tailored to any industry.

Benefits of combining Sage with e-commerce plugins

Upgrading your ERP or accounting systems to connect with the e-commerce platform makes it possible to move data freely between both ends, resulting in significantly less time spent on manual data entry and avoiding potential errors.

This integration also frees up precious resources to focus on the efficiency of operations in these delicate times, and deliver a better service that results in more satisfied customers. 

You can see this in action at our client Protein Malta, which already uses an e-commerce platform integrated with their Sage package to deliver hundreds of health products and supplements to their customers.

Stay ahead of the curve while helping the community flatten it

Like many businesses, Progressive has also had to make drastic changes to the way we work to stay safe during COVID-19. And while we’ve shifted operations to work from home, we’re still here to support our clients and help them in any way we can. 

If your company uses Sage software, integrating it with e-commerce tools is a smart move to optimise your operations in view of increased dependence on online selling. This situation is almost certain to persist beyond the coronavirus outbreak, as more customers become used to this channel and even start making it their preferred one.

Get in touch with our team and start benefiting from a more streamlined and automated way of doing business online.

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