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Increase restaurant’s profitability with Lightspeed POS

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Each restaurant point of sale system holds large amounts of data, starting from managing your ingredient list to fulfilling a ready meal and collecting payment. These data insights individually can improve the restaurant’s functions, however, analyzed together they can improve its profitability. With Lightspeed Restaurant point of sale (POS) system it is easy to compare different weeks, months and years in sales and find what has been making or losing you money. Let’s go through 3 ways on how the restaurant can improve its revenue and eventually become more profitable.

Table turnover

While it may seem as an obvious thing to do, time management can be tricky. It is almost impossible to know how much time each customer requires to overview the menu, how many questions they may have about the menu and if they have already reviewed the menu online and are immediately ready to order. These moments may seem insignificant, however, explaining a customer what’s included in the meal for 5 minutes means not serving the other hungry customers for the same amount of time. A restaurant point of sale system drastically improves the service in quality and speed as all the information is available at your fingertips. Lightspeed Restaurant offers the option to even add images of the actual meal so that the customer can see how the meal would look like. In result, the waiter can assist more tables.

Ingredient quantities

While it may seem that your famous Capricciosa is the top seller, the Vegtariana, Diavola and Hawaii pizzas are being sold as much as the most wanted item. Don’t depend on the feeling that one pizza is being sold more than the other. Ingredient analysis is crucial not only to have realistic estimates on what to spend your money best but also creates huge food waste and is bad for the environment. Having too much of an item and/or too little of another item can result in unnecessary financial losses for the restaurant business. How can you know what to order? While you can save each receipt and cover yourself in paperwork, it will take long hours to have the data ready. With Lightspeed Restaurant POS system it is all available in a matter of seconds with a visual dashboard.


While it’s your vision the customers experience, it’s the employees that bring it to them. The hospitality industry is famous for the employee turnover, as most choose waiting tables as a seasonal job or work there while looking for another job that they’re passionate about. It’s safe to say that it’s hard to find loyal and long term employees and that reflects on the level of service they bring to the customers. Bad service leaves bad reviews and bad reviews leave a permanent mark on the brand. An easy to use restaurant point of sale system is the first step into quick employee training. Lightspeed Restaurant often resembles a game because of its user friendly interface. Spend time teaching the restaurant’s image rather than a restaurant POS system with complex order management.


Take advantage of modern technology where all the information and data can be collectively gathered at your fingertips. Use the data to increase further profitability of your business and have a clear vision on the changes that you can make now. With Lightspeed Restaurant you don’t have to be at the location to overview data, simply log in and make well informed business decisions even when abroad, as long as there’s an internet connection. You’ve worked hard for it, let it be a long term success.

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