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In the spotlight: Lightspeed Retail point of sale system is now available in Malta

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We are proud to announce that the Lightspeed Retail point of sale system (POS) has launched in Malta. Does the name sound familiar? Lightspeed Retail is Lightspeed Restaurant POS systems brother. Lightspeed Restaurant POS system is one of the most demanded and highest rated systems on the island and we couldn’t wait to give the same experience for the retail businesses as well.

Lightspeed Retail is a universal point of sale system, which suits the needs of any retail business. Whether the store sells clothing, jewelry or home decor, it has never been this easy to keep track of stock- overview what’s selling the best and create custom reorders to always have the best sellers available. Adjust quantities for the items, which are being sold less than usual and plan orders to reserve only what the shop needs, for example, umbrellas are most useful during the winter months when it’s more common to rain, however, sun protection lotions sell out quickly during the summer heat.

Optimize the shop’s resources by planning ahead- have a rush hour coming up? Add an extra shift to keep up with the shop’s appearance. Invest in employee productivity by automating certain functions, with Lightspeed Retail the shop can organize items by the color if the same chair is available in white, red and black. The easily accessible system makes it simple to increase employee knowledgeability, therefore, immediately informing the customers. Offer employee discounts or a bonus system to increase average sales. Lightspeed Retail POS system offers a handy back-office overview to analyze the store’s performance. The point of sale system can track and compare many properties at once, encouraging the store to grow.

Progressive is the exclusive certified Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed Restaurant point of sale system installer in Malta, offering full support for all systems. Progressive also offers free trial periods to make sure the system suits the business type and can successfully manage daily operations. Contact us now for more information.

For more information about Lightspeed Retail point of sale system click here.

For more information about Lightspeed Restaurant point of sale system click here.

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