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How to manage the restaurant’s wine and beer stock

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There’s nothing more disappointing for the guest than seeing the waiter come back to the table to say, that the chosen items are not available. Your restaurant’s team should be aware of the availability of all items, however, it is nearly impossible as there can be tens and even hundreds of wine bottles at the restaurant. Use your restaurant point of sale system (POS) to stay one step ahead of the stock availability.

Enjoy a small tutorial with screenshots to see, how easy it is to manage your valuable wine stock on Lightspeed Restaurant.

1. Select the beverage

Head to the “Products” menu. In this example, we have selected the “Wine” category and “Bedrock Zinfandel.” If you click on it, you can see all the information regarding the product, for example, the description, image, price and more.

2. Stock Management

At the end of the product card, there’s an option to select “Enable Stock Management.” Click on it and now you have two more subsections under it.

3. Stock level

In this example, we have received 24 bottles of the previously selected wine. As soon as you type 24 in the box, it is immediately available for your guests.

4. Enforce stock

This is an optional feature- if the box is checked, as soon as the stock runs out, the waiters won’t be able to add anymore of the particular beverage to the guest’s order.

How does this affect staff during their shift?

Show & Tell feature: Access the menu item description and images to display to the restaurant’s guests. Your employees are also immediately informed about the stock availability.

Stock levels on the menu button: The restaurant point of sale system offers to add the stock level on the menu button, which makes it even easier accessible to the staff.

All the beverages are in order

We hope that this tutorial has been useful for your restaurant. By using the  “Enable Stock Management” and “Enforce Stock” features, the restaurant’s guest won’t be able to order anything which is out of stock. Additionally, as soon as the waiter notices the unavailability of an item, they can prepare themselves to give according recommendations for a substitute. The staff is well informed and the guest doesn’t feel as disappointed as it might be. Explore this feature with any other item in your menu and be one step forward to impeccable service with Lightspeed Restaurant POS.

Having doubts? Let us help you! Progressive is the certified Lightspeed Restaurant reseller in Malta. Our specialists will help you with any questions regarding the system. 

Undecided? Learn more about Lightspeed POS from our clients

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