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How Managers can be More Effective with Lightspeed Restaurant

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They say life is spent 50% waiting for something. Lightspeed Restaurant changes all that. Here you’ll find everything you’ll ever want to know about this POS system available exclusively in Malta from Progressive, a system that’s making service waves. 

Founded in 2005 by ex-Apple developer Dax Dasilva had a vision to create a system that was more efficient, user-friendly and had more benefit to the companies using it.

Why should managers use Lightspeed Restaurant?

The qualities of a memorable restaurant is the food, the atmosphere, but above all, the service. We may possibly remember a restaurant with above average food but if the service is below par, this aspect will be remembered and that’s why it’s so important to get it right. Lightspeed Restaurant is here to help. 

1. Maximise service level

We’ve all been there — a waiter that’s convinced he can memorise our order without noting it down or perhaps ends not being able read his hastily-written scrawl on less than high quality paper. 

Now let’s flip the scene. This time the waiter is holding a Lightspeed Restaurant mobile POS system. No more forgotten orders, no illegible handwriting and an enjoyable dining experience all around.

2. Improve footfall

I think we mentioned efficiency, come with increased productivity, enabling restaurateurs to increase the amount of customers. More table turns is a winning situation for both customer and manager. You, as the manager benefit from more freed up tables and customers benefit from having more available tables. All of this, down to the Lightspeed Restaurant.

3. Avoid mistakes 

As we mentioned earlier in the article, errors happen, even to the best of us. A Lightspeed Restaurant system eliminates this with the ability to add modifiers, dietary requirements and any extras the customer may desire.

4. Provide accurate dish information 

As we mentioned earlier in the article, errors happen, even to the best of us. A Lightspeed Restaurant POS system eliminates this with the ability to add modifiers, dietary requirements and any extras the customer may desire.

5. Control personnel costs

The robots are taking over, but they still need people to hold and use the Lightspeed Restaurant. Due to the efficiency of this cutting-edge technology, restaurants also have the option of introducing runners along with traditional waiters, whose job is simply to put diners in direct contact with the kitchen staff and help reduce order time drastically.  

Can Lightspeed Restaurant improve customer experience?

As an all-in-one POS solution, Lightspeed Restaurant brings you the opportunity to take customer orders from an iPad or iPhone. Lightspeed Restaurant gives you, the manager handle orders with lightning speed but also facilitates open bar tabs and split bills. 

A time saving solution all in one — not only is Lightspeed Restaurant immensely quicker for taking orders but it gives the restaurant manager a speedier solution to training staff. Compact and sleek, you don’t need an oversized printer or bulky cash drawer to get you on your way. 

Customers are well aware of a restaurant’s image – and Lightspeed Restaurant can give you that technological ‘wow’ that some diners may find impressive. With sites such as Tripadvisor more prevalent than ever, it’s time to really improve your restaurant’s customer service game. A negative review of someone receiving poor (or slow) service can keep the customers away in droves. So why not up your level of service with Lightspeed Restaurant?

Your number-one concern: Security

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could handle swipes, taps, tips, bill splits and transfers all within a secure environment? Lightspeed Restaurant has security built into every part of the system, offering an EMV-compliant terminal and PCI-certified software at no added expense. 

Other features include:

Lightspeed Restaurant: Boost your customer experience

Your staff and customers deserve the best possible dining experience and using Lightspeed Restaurant, you’re giving them this. Make sure dishes are delivered quickly, orders are processed at lightning speed with complete accuracy and customers get the service that they deserve. 

Payments analyst at AITE group, Andrew Copeland, a visionary of the restaurant industry recently made these following comments on the business: “The key ingredient through the rapidly evolving landscape is mobility; the ability to accept payments at the customer’s convenience and at a greater variety of locations than ever before. mPOS is moving from a niche service into the mainstream of modern commerce.” Food for thought.

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