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Facing the 3 biggest challenges while running a restaurant

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Customer satisfaction, employee productivity and future growth of the business- when working in a restaurant, it is hard to catch a break. We offer to look at some of the biggest challenges, which you are faced with, while managing your business. And, most importantly, how a point of sale system can make it easier.


  1. Useless papers. Nowadays everything is available digitally, yet some of us still take orders on a notepad. Papers for the cook, for the bar and more and more layers created by manual or old complicated POS systems, creating a somewhat organized chaos. A point of sale system can still print your orders, however, you don’t need to keep all of them anymore- everything is saved on the cloud. For example, Lightspeed also offers a separate screen for the cook, getting rid of all your papers until you would like to print a report at the end of the day. Easy and available at any time.
  2. Employees. We all know, how hard it is to find trustworthy and hardworking long-term employees in this industry and, with them changing, we lose time teaching our systems. With a user friendly point of sale system, you don’t need to waste time doing that anymore: no matter their age or previous experiences, Lightspeed will make a smooth transition into their new adventure.
  3. Access. Another challenge you face when changing employees, is giving appropriate access. When gaining credibility, you can give a variety of options for the manager or close some features to the new members of your restaurant’s family. This will keep it safe and also record their hours.


  1. Lines and checkout. No one likes to wait in a line, especially, when someone is hungry or in a rush to go home. The POS Lightspeed will show you all the tables, which are free, having their meal or waiting for the bill. Don’t waste time calculating when a customer wants to split a bill- drag all the items they want to pay for and have an instant amount of what needs to be paid.
  2. Connecting kitchen with the waiters. The customer being hungry and seeing all the pictures of food can make them anxious to order. Even worse, they see everyone else getting served but them. Why is it so slow? Running back and forth to the kitchen is a lot of wasted time. Lightspeed makes sure, that as soon as the waiter inputs an order on the device, they can move on to the next customer, instead of losing time leaving orders: the POS printers will print orders immediately to your intended destination.
  3. Lagging. Your PMS is never going to let you down on a Monday morning, it will show all of its worst qualities when you have dozens of people ordering on a Friday night. Lightspeed is class A all the way: from the excellent technology provided in the iPad to making sure your internet connection is appropriate to avoid further issues.


  1. New goods for the menu. The food industry is one of the most competitive in the world. Companies are constantly introduced to new soft drinks, experimenting with seasonal cocktails and urged to introduce foods with a variety of trendy ingredients. A new vegan and gluten free pizza? Don’t worry, on Lightspeed, it is as simple to create as a new contact on your phone.
  2. Changing the order. Table 3 wants another bottle of wine and table 5 wants another soda. And after 30 more minutes they changed their mind and want a desert. Sounds familiar? With Lightspeed you don’t need to create new bills or tables: tap on the existing table and add the cake to the customer’s table. It’s that simple!

No matter, if your business is big or small, you already know, that everything is connected. Don’t try to resist it, the newest technology will always try to chase you to simplify and revolutionise your business. Let Progressive help you upgrade with a smooth transition and avoid these unnecessary time consuming challenges. 

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