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Choosing the right accounting system for your business

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Automation and Accuracy

It is hard to imagine an organized business without a proper accounting system. It helps you coordinate and boost the business, especially, when growing into a medium or large sized business or having multiple facilities. In this article, we look at some of the biggest benefits of an accounting system and how important it is, to find a system, which acquires these features.

Creating invoices manually is not only very time consuming, it is also more likely to make mistakes. An accounting system is designed to reduce the errors of humans. It is easy to add a wrong number or one too many zeros and it can be even worse, when calculating. For example, if you need to repeatedly create an invoice, the accounting system Sage Evolution processes them automatically, without you spending hours to enter the data all over again. The system not only automates calculations, it also tracks inventory. To have accurate information about what’s in stock can be crucial for the upcoming orders and an accounting system will warn you when a particular item is running out of stock. This gives an increased reliability for the company.

Data management

Every day the business receives more and more data. It can get hard to keep track and easy to lose what’s important. Take control of all business operations by accessing extensive date to date reports within a few clicks. With Sage Evolution you can prioritize categories, which you would like to see and make decisions based on the data accessible at hand. Have the invoices sent directly to the e-mail and receive the payment sooner with a fast and seamless process. It also eases your cash flow management as all of the transactions are being saved. For example, after submitting bills and before receiving payments, you can estimate what you have in between to help planning, and avoid late fees and charges.


A user friendly accounting system together with automation, accuracy and data management lead to one of the most important benefits of all: Time. Especially with the company growing, the amount of accounting increases drastically and becomes way more complex. With the data being automated, everything is easily available without digging through the papers for hours or even days. It also looks more appealing as you can see the data not only in the traditional ways but also in different formats and charts. The accounting system Sage Evolution is is powered by Microsoft SQL for a smooth interface and is incredibly intuitive. It prides with quick links, a recently used section, the ability to copy and paste information from Excel sheets and more. The system simply monitors the key factors of the business, making sure, that the performance is at the desired level for achieving your business objectives.

Secure and Cost effective

Most importantly, your data is saved and stored. With Sage Evolution you can overview and take control of all business operations without needing an ERP solution. It doesn’t require a complicated configuration or a consultant on site, which makes it much more cost-efficient. More importantly, time is the most expensive resource of all and the accounting system lets you focus on the company’s future.

Using software instead of a paper-based accounts system is much more convenient for many reasons, however, some systems tend to be overly complicated to switch or use. Let Progressive help you with this step and let us save your time and money for the future with Sage Evolution.

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