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Can the Mews hotel property management system do it all?

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It’s no secret that a hotel property management system is one of the most important parts of running a hotel. I like to call it as the employee that never sleeps and always works to improve. While it’s become casual to listen to music, watch movies or store photos using cloud based platforms like Netflix, Spotify and Google photos, can you actually rely all your hotel operations on a cloud based hotel management software? 

First, let’s go over the top seven mandatory features that are necessary in a hotel property management system and the issues which come with them. After defining the features, let’s see if Mews can help solve the hotelier issues.

Smooth booking process 

What is the issue?

This is the number one priority and the main purpose of a hotel software in general. You want to see your reservations to be organized, always accessible and adaptable to changes. 

Can Mews solve it?

Mews has worked tirelessly to develop a dashboard which gives the most information without overwhelming the user. Make fast adjustments when necessary and have full control of each reservation. Have more than one property? Access all establishments from a single location with a unique reservation screen without having to buy add-on modules.

Ease of use 

What is the issue?

Ease of use is another crucial requirement not only because it’s important to adapt to the new system, but also because the hospitality industry is known for high employee turnover. Any management system will require training time but the question here is-how much? 

Can Mews solve it?

Mews main focus is having a simple function management with a great design for every single one of the features. The employee training is their masterpiece- it takes only one day to complete the curriculum and the employees can complete it using their online platform. Afterwards, the results are available to the hotel management to decide which are the trainees stronger qualities and on which they need further improvement and training.


What is the issue?

Experience is often more valued than the stars displayed at the entrance. Based on “Our World in Data”, the number of travelers in the world has grown by 483,3 million (!) from 2008 to 2018. In Malta, the number of tourists has almost doubled in the last 10 years. Based on “Searchengineland” 70% would leave a review when asked and based on, 84% trust the reviews as much as their friends. You need to be able to serve your guests immediately and focus on guest experience.

Can Mews solve it?

This is where the cloud hotel software stands out the most- having a cloud based system instantly gives you location freedom. This gives advantages to every single one of the employees from housekeeping to management. For example, as soon as the room has been cleaned, the housekeeping department can immediately mark that the room is ready for its next guests. Have an unplanned business meeting abroad? As long as there’s an internet connection, you can follow a live overview of the hotel.


What is the issue?

You shouldn’t manage each hotel’s division separately. Integrations with the hotel’s restaurant, bar and gift shops should be seamlessly integrated with the hotel software for the clearest overview. 

Can Mews solve it?

Mews seamlessly integrates tens of point of sale, spa management, reputation management, guest management, revenue management, facility management, distribution, integration management and guest technology systems within minutes. Finally, everything can be in one place!

Time management 

What is the issue?

This goes hand in hand with mobility of the system. Using a hotel management system should optimize the time of your employees to save the most important resource- time. Saving time is not only important for the employees but also for your guests. No one wants to see a long queue at the reception after hours of traveling.

Can Mews solve it?

This is another reason why having a cloud based property management system is handy- you get immediate updates no matter where you are in the hotel. Additionally, to save time for the guests, Mews offers online check-in. It has been only 10 years since online check-in for flights has become common or even mandatory for certain airline companies. If we look back even further to 20 years ago, arriving to the airport 3-4 hours prior to the flight was crucial or you would risk missing the flight. The queues were long, not even mentioning the amount of employees it took to process each reservation. This time consuming process has been revolutionized with Mews- already 40% choose to check in online to reach their room faster.

Brand’s reliability

What is the issue?

There are hundreds and even thousands of hotel management systems promising you to be the best system you’ve ever had. How to know which one is a fit? Start with a demonstration and then read the reviews about the brand, its history and the quality of support. If anything goes wrong, you want the issue resolved as soon as possible. 

Can Mews solve it?

Mews was founded in 2012 by hoteliers because they couldn’t find a solution in the existing market that would suit their needs. The hotel property management system is now being used in over 40 countries worldwide with 24/7 online and phone support. Read the hotel reviews of the system here and here.

Hotel’s future

What is the issue?

The hotel software collects an incredible amount of data about every single guest. You should be able to utilize this data to further personalize guest experience to recurring customers and adjust strategy to increase the amount of guests. 

Can Mews solve it?

With Mews you can choose selected data points you want to focus on and visualise them into graphs. Find new trends and make well informed decisions fast. Mews also supports exports to Excel files and is able to schedule reports delivered to you directly.

Final word

While cloud based technology has been around us for a long time, it reached its peak only recently. For example, Spotify music streaming platform was founded in 2006 but became common only after 8 years in 2014 with 10 million paying customers, according to Bloomberg. The tech industry is blooming with new mobile applications developed every day, using the benefits of cloud technology. When using cloud technology for a hotel, always see the system’s history: Is the software developed by hoteliers? When was it developed? Is the number of users growing? Mews has passed their competition and keeps developing new features to further improve guest experience. Book a demonstration to revolutionize your hospitality business now.

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