Progressive offers multiple accounting solutions, suitable for your business needs.

Sage 50

The Sage 50 accounting system is designed for small and medium sized businesses. Learn more about the software below:

  • User friendly. The installation and usage of Sage 50 is simple for users and you can do everything in one place, including, processing invoices, tracking all the company expenses, controlling your cash flow, as well as paying employees and preparing taxes.
  • Managing your finances. Take control of your finances by managing your accounts. With Sage 50 you are always up to date with all bank records and can stay cash positive.
  • VAT management. Submitting tax returns has never been so easy- calculate, verify and submit your VAT returns with simple steps.
  • Product and customer management. Have all the information about your product stock availability and store the service information with Sage 50 Accounts. Sales processes are smoothly integrated- raise quotes and always keep a record.
  • Improve your overall performance. The accounting system offers multiple templates for the most convenient visualisation of your business performance. Make well informed future decisions with all of the information available at a glance.

Sage Evolution

The Sage Evolution 100 and Sage Evolution 200 accounting systems are designed for medium and large sized businesses. They are developed to ease management over multiple warehouses.

  • No hidden costs. The accounting system is quick to set up and demands less configuration and training than other vendors. The overall cost for the system will be lower as well, as there is no need for large support teams.
  • Customization. Sage Evolution has a wide range of modules, which can be added depending on your business needs. They are fast to add and seamlessly integrate with the accounting system.
  • Customer and supplier relationship. The software allows you to track, manage and analyse your customer and supplier interactions easily. This gives you an advantage to surpass your customer expectations and demands.
  • Task management. To measure employee productivity, view graphical presentations of the open and closed activities.
  • Business management. Sage Evolution fully integrates the business management application, providing you with both, accounting and operational data for a holistic approach. It has a wide range of features and add on modules for managing a well established or growing business.
  • Simple. With the many years of experience in accounting software development and thousands of businesses operating Sage worldwide, the system has an in-depth understanding of the business needs to be practical and flexible.
  • Data management. Use data for multiple business scenarios, notice early trends and create specialised reports fast and effective.


Sage Business Cloud (Sage One)

Access your data from anywhere in the world with Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Learn more about the advantages you will gain by having access on the cloud below.

  • Build relationships. Track your expenses, payments and invoices to improve the cash flow on the system and focus on building relationships with your customers.
  • Automation. Match every transaction on your statements automatically instead of spending hours for routine tasks.
  • Work on the go. Sage Business Cloud has a mobile app for iOS and Android, which allows you to create quotes, send invoices and track expenses directly from your phone.
  • Track your expenses. With this cloud based software you’re able to follow every business transaction in one place.
  • Grow on the cloud. Advance your business on the cloud by adding more users, new accounts and manage your business details.
  • Follow your taxes. Stay knowledgeable of the tax laws and automatically calculate what you owe.



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