Over the passing weeks, Progressive has been busy visiting a variety of our Lightspeed clients to make sure, their experience with the restaurant point of sale system has been running smoothly. When visiting, we asked them to answer 3 questions about Lightspeed and the Progressive service. It was very exciting for us to learn, which are the benefits our customers enjoy the most and how the software has improved their management experience.


Lightspeed is a restaurant point of sale system which is focused on the overall experience for its users and end customers. Learn more about the advantages of the software:


  • Cloud based. The point of sale software is completely cloud based, which allows you to see all the information anywhere and anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Simple. Lightspeed is very user friendly and often associates as a game. It is easy to use for any generation and offers a smooth transition from your previous method or system.
  • Functional. Changing or adding items doesn’t take hours, it can be done within a few clicks. You can also add photos of all the items available for your customer experience.
  • Speed. The functionality and simplicity is the key for speed. The software is only available on Apple iPads, which gives you the first class experience from the technological side as well.
  • Employee management. Manage your employees from distance- each employee has their own username and can clock in when arriving and clock out when leaving.


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