The most popular editions of Sage 50 Accounts here in Malta are Sage 50 Accounts, Sage 50 Accounts Plus and Sage 50 Professional. One of the most frequently asked questions by clients is "What is the difference between each of these versions ?" In this Blog entry, we identify the key differences between each of these 3 Sage 50 Accounts variants.

Perhaps, the biggest difference between Sage 50 Accounts, Accounts Plus and Sage 50 Professional is that whilst Sage 50 Accounts and Accounts Plus support a maximum of 2 concurrent users, Sage 50 Professional supports up to 20 concurrent users on each individual company.

Another major difference which can affect the operations and their flexibility, is that only Sage 50 Professional is able to support multiple price lists when buying or selling stock items. Moreover, if your operations involve ordering (Purchase Orders and Sales Orders), your only option is to opt for Sage 50 Professional.  

Yet another interesting feature which is only available in Sage 50 Professional is Batch Supplier Payments , which gives you the facility to process supplier payments in batches, thereby saving substantial time and effort when processing outgoing payments.

For organisations which have a more complex operation and require departmental and / or  analysis, Sage 50 Professional is required as it has the ability to budget and analyse revenues and costs by departments as well as track Project profitability and loss. 

If your company deals with Customers or Suppliers which trade in a different currency, and you would like to track foreign amounts and local amounts as well as possible gains or losses on exchange, then Sage 50 Professional is the package to go for, since it is the only one that incorporates foreign currency trader out of the box.

One final feature which Sage 50 Accounts and Accounts Plus do not have is the Bills of Material module. Bills of material allow users to define the components making up an item and tracks these sub-components at production and sales stage.

Still unsure which Sage 50 edition suits your business best ? Then Get in touch so we can help.