New features:


  • Much improved user interface
  • Advanced Skeleton Functionality across all Modules
  • Bank and Nominal accounts can now be marked as inactive so they don't appear in main lists. 
  • The product web description has been increased in size. 

Features introduced in 2017 edition:

  • Improved error corrections – quickly and easily edit journals
  • Negative Lines on a Sales Invoice
  • Post Sales and Purchase Invoices and pay off at the same time
  • Un-allocate credits and payments from an incorrect invoice and track which users have edited transactions. It’s never been easier to keep accounts accurate and up-to-date.
  • Surfacing information – analyse data without the need to source it from various parts of the software or create workarounds. New columns and fields mean more efficient data analysis and reduced frustration.
  • Drill down on aged debtors and creditors – get more control of who owes you money and who you owe money to, without the need to move in and out of different screens. A more streamlined process makes it easier to get insight into your cash flow at the click of a button.
  • Streamlined dialogue boxes – it’s now easier than ever for you to find the information you need quickly, and work on it effectively, without having to learn or remember what to do.
  • User interface consistency – you can customise exactly what you want to see when using the programme and that will be remembered when you log out. No more spending time re-setting your display to fit how you work.

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