Mews from the business eye


Wombat’s hostels are located in some of the most energetic cities in Europe, which includes, Vienna, London, Berlin, Budapest and also Munich. Beautiful design and spacious rooms: their guests have many reasons to keep returning.

With big plans in their mind, the hostel was working very hard to find the perfect property management system fulfill their needs. Mews had the opportunity to have an honest interview together with the Wombat’s Revenue Manager R. Timmerer.

After struggling with their old PMS, the messy report system was only one out of many things, which didn’t satisfy the hostel’s needs. When choosing Mews, one of the main reasons was its simple and intuitive user interface: the hostels staff learnt it so much faster than the outdated complicated systems from before.

Easy navigation, knowing the difference between rooms and beds and amazing integration skills:“This sounds perfectly clear but, trust me- it’s not, as most hospitality management systems don’t offer hostels that essential option.”

The hostel is now even more inspired to keep growing across Europe and now, nothing can stop them. Use the time you spent struggling with the old hostels management software by focusing on the guest’s comfort. Revolutionize the way you do business now!


This article was inspired by article:”Mews knows the difference between beds and rooms”/Wombat’s hostels testimonial.