Mews, the revolutionary on the cloud hotel system, has just landed to Malta.

What makes Mews so unique ?

  • It automates most manual tasks, the payment process and the booking workflow
  • Supports Multi properties, allowing multiple location management as the hotel grows
  • Completely mobile - manage your operations from anywhere and any web enabled device.
  • Very slick and easy to use by everyone
  • It features an open platform hence allowing most of your favourite apps to plug in seamlessly and very easily. These include Channel Managers, Revenue Managers and Marketing automation applications
  • Online check in allows your guests to check in online saving valuable time for your front of house operations and extra comfort for your guests
  • Simplifies payments - Mews automates all the payments to deliver a cardless experience for your hotel guests.

Mews is the only system which provides innovative features such as Online Check-in, Integrated payment system, Housekeeping app, Online Booking engine and is fully integrated with Online channels such as Expedia, etc.