PassportScan scanning systems, capture guests' Passport or ID document for immediate integration into the hotel system. What does this mean for hotel operators and guests ? In a nutshell, this translates into  a more efficient, streamlined and easier checking in process.




A typical workflow includes:

  • The scanning of any ID Document - Support for all passports/countries using the ICAO 9303 standard, identity cards, driving licenses, resident permits, DVLA and much more. PassportScan also recognizes the MRZ - Machine Readable Zone - of all standard VISA.
  • Allowing guests to sign on a tablet to confirm these details.
  • Reviewing the data - Manage all data inside the PassportScan interface. This interface validates names and dates and even the client's address.
  • Sending the data to the hotel system - Data is immediately transferred to the Hotel system (support for Brilliant Hotelsoftware and Newhotel is available), automatically populating the guest profiles. PassportScan is also able to keep separate images of all scanned documents, thereby eliminating the need of paper copies.



Follow this link for a video demonstration

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