Tourism Eco-contribution tax and Brilliant PMPro


As from 1st June 2016, all Maltese hotels are required to collect an eco-contribution for each guest night.

This new legislation announced in the 2015 budget, introduces a "bed tax" amounting to 50 cents per guest bed night, up to a maximum of €10 per guest residing in hotel accommodation. Guests who are  aged under 18, including language students, are exempt from this contribution.

To prepare for this new legislative requirement, we have organised a business breakfast for all clients who are going to be affected by this change. In this meeting we have outlined how the calculation of this tax can be automated in Brilliant PMPRO with minimal user intervention.  This solution which involves the use of scripting and user defined fields, automates the calculation process and reports separately for funds collected in respect of this tax.

Contact us today to ensure that your property is fully compliant with this new requirement.